The Happy Planner Mini Review

Apologies for not getting this up yesterday! The Happy Planner: an affordable staple, customizable book, and holy cow stickers. There is so much to love about The Happy Planner (or THP, as I will now refer to it). This review is going to focus specifically on the Mini size (THP comes in three sizes: mini, … Continue reading The Happy Planner Mini Review

Hannah and Passion Planner

Welcome to my first #plannermatch post! Occasionally I get friends, family members, or my wonderful followers asking me for advice on which planner to get. IΒ love these questions because they allow me to talk in-depth about one of my favorite topics (planning & organization!) and help someone take one step closer to elusive planner peace. … Continue reading Hannah and Passion Planner

ShePlans Appointment Weekly Planner

ShePlans is a one-woman planner company that focuses on clean, crisp designs and developing truly functional, beautiful planners. Ashley Staum, the founder and owner of ShePlans, officially launched her business in 2013 by selling digital copies of her planners but the impetus for her To-Do List planner occurred long before then. In 2002 Staum was … Continue reading ShePlans Appointment Weekly Planner