17-month agenda

Hello planner people!

I am thrilled to share my very first blog post with all of you. This blog will be focused on three things: (1) planner reviews, (2) planner matches, and (3) planner tips & tricks. I want to offer the #plannercommunity something a little different with this planner blog. There are already so many wonderful planner blogs, websites, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts out there, but I want to focus on providing an analysis of the planners I review and thinking about who they would be a good fit for. I won’t be doing the standard unboxing on this blog, but rather an exploration of the planner’s functionality, aesthetics, and what type of needs it would fit.

Without further ado, let’s get going on my first review! 17-month agenda in rose parade

The line of 2017-2018 planners features three sizes (classic, medium, and large), two binding options (book or case-bound and ring-bound), and several cover designs. I procured this little beauty from my favorite San Diego shop, pigment for $20 + tax. It is the case-bound classic size and measures in at 5.125 in. x 8.125 in. Easy to plop in your purse or haul around! The $20 price tag makes it an affordable, cute option for someone who needs an agenda but doesn’t have an overly complex schedule (or doesn’t use their agenda to keep track of it).

IMG_3423 (2)

Function: agendas honestly don’t strike me as work horses for anyone with a hectic schedule and list of to-dos, but the simple layout does provide a lot of white space and freedom to do what works best for you. There are also a good deal of notes pages dispersed throughout the agenda for those of you who need more space! @lycheestudy has a great example of a minimal spread on her instagram account. @bright.inspo uses her agenda in a different way, utilizing stickers.

Just in these two examples, you can see that the agenda can function as a place to keep to-do lists for the day, journal, write down class assignments, or track habits/meals/fitness. Its versatility makes it functional. The first few pages of the agenda include a 2018-2019 year-at-a-glance, a place to write down special or important dates for each month, and a comprehensive list of holidays. There is also a pocket at the back of the planner to store bits and pieces, as well as a newly added pink ribbon to mark your place!

Aesthetics/Design: is all about fun, and every detail of their agendas sticks to that mission. From adorable stickers (included in the first few pages) to sassy sayings littered throughout the weekly spreads, agendas are here to brighten your day and make the planning process fun. strives to support their team of women artists, featuring them on the website as well as providing a page at the end of the agenda listing all of them. While the agenda is not a sleek, professional-looking planner to take to business meetings, it also doesn’t pretend to be. The agenda is self-aware–it knows that it’s about being bright and fun and doesn’t try to be everything for everyone. The little quotes, notes, and sayings throughout the planner are also all about positivity and self-love.

Fit: The planner, especially in classic size, would probably work for someone who wants a portable option for a flexible schedule. I would recommend this for college students, high school students, and anyone who wants a cheerful agenda to journal, write down daily gratitude, or who needs a quick and accessible place to write down notes and to-dos on the go. Ultimately,”s agenda is a flexible space and can be used in a multitude of ways. Check out the Instagram hashtag #bandoagenda for inspiration and ideas on how to use this super sweet little book.

Loves: I love how fun and colorful the planners are! They are cute, portable (in classic size, at least), and offer tons of white space for each day that can be organized however you want. definitely gets a thumbs up from me for their work to #supportwomenartists and provide them with visibility. The artwork is delightful. Check out the slideshow of each month’s design below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nopes: While I appreciate the agenda for being a well-designed and flexible planner, I personally need something a little more structured. Some people will look at the white space and think, “This is fantastic, I can do whatever I want with this and make it work for me,” but I look at it and think “Oh goodness how do I use this?” Obviously this is my own hang-up and wouldn’t apply to everyone. I also tend to veer towards planners that I could bring into a meeting, but I am tempted by the bright fun promises.

What do you think? Do you have the agenda, or are you looking into getting one? Leave your comments below! Let’s discuss!

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