Hannah and Passion Planner

Welcome to my first #plannermatch post! Occasionally I get friends, family members, or my wonderful followers asking me for advice on which planner to get. I love these questions because they allow me to talk in-depth about one of my favorite topics (planning & organization!) and help someone take one step closer to elusive planner peace. I like to ask a series of questions to determine which planner would be a good fit for them:

  • Do they prefer seeing a whole week at a glance, or day by day?
  • Do they want something bright and colorful to encourage them to plan, or would they prefer something more neutral?
  • What type of binding do they like to use? Wire, coil, book or case bound, or disc?
  • How large (or small) is their handwriting?
  • Do they need a portable planner, a desk planner, or something that can serve both functions?
  • What are their main goals for the planner? What are they hoping the planner will help them accomplish?
  • Do they need a structured layout, or something more free-form and flexible?
  • What is the price range?

& more. I like to make it a conversation over coffee so I can show them examples of my recommendations immediately after and we can chat about what would be a good fit. If I could start a career as a planner consultant, y’all, I totally would. #dreamjob

My little cousin Hannah is a busy 23-year-old with two dog babies, a wife, two jobs, and a recent certification in the pharmaceutical field, where she’s looking to start a career while juggling everything else. Girl is BUSY, and she needed a planner work horse to help her stay on top of all her to-dos and a fluctuating, full schedule.


Enter Passion Planner.


Passion Planner Classic Birds & Bees in Blush

During my conversation with Hannah, I was able to sum-up her preferences as:

Hannah’s Preferences:

  • Appointment times to write down and manage a full schedule.
  • Weekly spread to see the entire week at a glance.
  • Help organizing priorities and general to-dos.
  • A tool to use for trying to figure out long term decisions and goals.
  • A book that can take a beating.
  • A big enough planner to write in comfortably.
  • Bonus, because I know my cousin: she needed something bright that was difficult to ignore.

Mock-up I did of a week in Passion Planner using my own schedule.

Why Passion Planner Matches:

  • Weekly spread with appointment times.
  • Organized space for a task list that separates personal and work life.
  • The signature Passion Planner Passion Map that helps conceptualize goals and makes you think about your future.
  • Flexible book format that can be tossed around and still look fabulous.
  • Plenty of notes pages for long to-do lists or shopping lists.

Passion Planner is a well-known planner brand and known for reasonable prices (Hannah got this 2017 planner on sale for 50% off). The Classic size is 8.5″ x 11″ and usually goes for about $30-35. The Compact size is 5.5″ x 8.5″ and runs $25-30. They have limited edition cover designs, dated and undated planners, and both academic and calendar year options. Passion Planner also has an amazing Instagram, and they continuously provide tips on how to best utilize your planner.

Passion Planner’s CEO, Angelia Trinidad, created the planner and launched it out of her garage by 2014. As a young woman recently out of college, she harnessed her feelings of “analysis paralysis” and created a tool to help her envision her future. The company continues to grow (they have a kickstarter campaign live right now to launch a new eco-friendly version of the planner & a pledge to plant a tree for every planner sold) and maintains a strong ethos of giving back. Learning about Trinidad’s story made me think about my young cousin, 23, and launching into a new, exciting, scary chapter in life.

How do you use your planner?

Hannah’s first dip into using her new planner.

One thought on “Hannah and Passion Planner

  1. LOVED this:) So fun to see what your cousin picked;) You know from my vids that I have loved and used Passion Planner for a good portion of this year;) Your list of questions to think about when choosing a planner is spot on! Fun post! wouldn’t that be the very best job?! Planner consultant! Dream job! I often have dreamed of a planner store. In the store would be a sample of EVERY PLANNER…..even if the company didn’t let me carry their planner to sell I would have a sample so people could hold it in there hands and feel it. I would have a sample of every planner that you could test pens and write in at a big huge farmhouse table. So planner friends could come there to plan in their own planners and chat or try out and explore new ones. Of course there would have to be homemade Chocolate Chip cookies there too;) Bc planning and CCC are my favorite things;) Everyone who worked there would be a planner consultant;) I haven’t thought about this dream too much;) LOL……

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