Kim and Kate Spade

My sister-in-law Kim had a busy career in HR, where she had a million emails a day to respond to, employees to look after, and a demanding workday. Recently, she told me that she was thinking of resigning from her job and trying to forge a new career in consulting. In late July she took the leap and has been just as busy with Lunch & Learn events, meetings with professionals, searching for a part-time job to help support her refocus in freelance consulting, and taking multiple courses and workshops to build up her consulting chops.
I believe that planners aren’t just for people with routine schedules or busy days in the office. A planner is a tool that can help anyone organize their priorities, plan out their strategies, and check-in with how they are spending their time. I thought that a planner might be just the think for Kim as she embarked on this new chapter!
She’s a stylish lady and needed a stylish planner. I knew she would be on the go, out pursuing opportunities more than staying home and clicking through job postings. I had also noticed one of her Kate Spade bags, and thought immediately that a Kate spade Agenda would be perfect for her.
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I chose the Large Kate Spade agenda because I thought there would be more room for lists–Kim likes long to-do lists. I also wanted the hidden coil planner for her because I thought the outside hardcover would protect her planner as she toted it around. The strap keeps everything together and tightly bound.
The Kate Spade Agenda has generous notes pages, a folder, some fancy gold foil stickers, and lots of space to write out lists, plans, ideas, or notes for each day. Being able to see her week at a glance would help Kim visualize where she was spending her time and energy that week, while also leaving plenty of room for jotting down any changes or notes. The beginning pages also include a year at a glance calendar, a space for important dates, and a list of holidays to watch out for.
The Kate Spade Agenda is sized at 9.25″h x 7.5″w, which means it’s big enough to be a substantial planner but small enough to carry around easily. The agenda includes a pocket at the front of the planner, laminated tabs for each month, monthly and weekly spreads, and goes 17 months from August 2017-December 2018. I chose the Zodiac design because I loved the 1950s style artwork, and it gave the agenda a twinge of fun while still being sleek and professional.

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This planner should last Kim a long time and also has the benefit of being one of her favorite brands. The price is reasonable at $36 for the Large (there are two other sizes–medium and mega), and if you join Kate Spade’s mailing list you can get %15 off your first order! But the reasonable price (really, it comes out to $2.12 per month of use), designer brand, and comprehensive layout make the Kate Spade Agenda a solid choice to savvy women who want a fun yet professional paper planner.

Kim’s Thoughts

After she had the planner for about three weeks, I asked Kim to tell me what she liked about it so I could share her thoughts with you. She said:
1. I enjoy the stickers that I can add in for days such as party, meeting, working out vacation, play hooky, date night, cocktails and oodles more.  It’s a great way to spice up the planning details.
2.  There is space that breaks out celebrations in a monthy format, a great way to plan ahead and see it all on 2 pages.
3.  I like that you can write in details in a calendar view as well as write details for each day on seperate pages for detailed tasks that need to be done for the day.
4. The quotes for each month are inspirational!
5.  Also each month just has pages for notes–in the event you just need to jot down different important items this is a great place to write this down.
There is no right or wrong way to use a planner–I’m so happy that my sister likes her Kate Spade Agenda and finds it helpful!
Do any of you have a Kate Spade Agenda? What are your thoughts on it? Feel free to comment with any questions!

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