Purposeful Planner (Weekly CoCo Luxe Leatherette) by Corie Clark

The Purposeful Planner has been around for a few years, but Corie Clark’s blog/website has existed on the Interwebs since 2013. Corie Clark outlines her struggle to create a purposeful life, describing her process as tugging on a rope for more more more. In 2013, she attended the Hillsong Colour Conference and learned that she needed to let go of tugging that rope, trusting that God would lead her in the right direction. Devotion is a big part of Corie’s journey and that is reflected in her planners. Ultimately, however, Corie Clark just wants to help people live life on purpose. Corie includes this note on her website:

The Purposeful Planner® was designed for YOU! For the creative, the stay-at-home mom trying to fit it all in, the entrepreneur chasing their dreams, the empty-nester living their dreams, and anyone else trying to live their life on purpose. It is so important that we create margin in our lives so that we can live the life we’ve always dreamed. There are miracles in the margin!

The Purposeful Planner has daily (Pro Tip: mid-year daily editions are on sale right now for $34.99!) and weekly editions, in both wire-o spiral binding and book binding. Daily planners usually go for $58, while weekly editions are priced at $52. Daily planners usually have three different cover designs to choose from, and I know that a book-bound planner in black leatherette is being released as part of the 2018 line. For this post, I will be reviewing the July 2016–December 2017 weekly version of this planner in book-bound leatherette. I picked this edition up on sale from Corie Clark’s website.


This is a highly functional planner. The planner starts with a name-plate page and a folder adhered to the inside cover. The beginning pages include a letter from Corie and extensive life and goal planning pages that include bucket lists, yearly goals, and more. Corie asks you to think about what your 5 most important roles are in your life, and then asks you to plan according to those priorities to help you fulfill a sense of purpose.

There is a lot packed into each month. Before the monthly spread, you will find a monthly budget sheet, menu planning page, master task list, and goal setting page. I love this because it easily allows you to plan your monthly meals and then easily just transfer them onto each weekly spread.

Each weekly spread has a Monday start and a full column for each day of the week & weekend. A small Health section is at the top of each daily column, followed by Water intake trackers, and then timed hourly slots in half-hour increments from 6am–9pm. The bottom of each column includes a Menu box to track food for the day. The weekly spread also has a column on the lefthand side, which includes a mini month-at-a-glance, a section for Brain Dump, and a section for Prayer & Praise.

IMG_3554 (2)

The planner size is 8″ x 9 1/2″ x 1″, big enough to have space for writing, but still portable.


The book-bound design of this planner is lovely. It’s big but not too big, floppy in the best of ways, and the white leatherette feels great. The front cover is embossed with copper foil, which is gorgeous. This planner also has a copper ribbon for marking your place, which is such an important thing to include in book-bound planners!

IMG_3560 (2)

The paper is off-white, 100 gsm, and feels nice and thick. I experienced no bleed on the pages when using a Pilot G2 in 0.7 or 0.5, or a Sharpie pen. The planner has a lay-flat design that makes it pretty easy to write in. I like that the lines on the weekly spread are dotted because it lightens the visual weight of the page a little.

IMG_3556 (2)

Monthly spreads include an inspirational quote or Bible verse in the upper righthand corner, a left-hand column for notes or whatever you want (it’s unlabeled), and a mini month-at-a-glance for the month prior and the month following. There are two main font choices in this planner, a bold script font for headings and month “titles,” and a sans-serif lighter font in all caps for everything else.

IMG_3548 (2)

The monthly spread has thick, solid lines. I personally like the Monday start because I enjoy having my weekends together, even on the monthly spread, but that’s just my preference. The boxes seem to have plenty of room, as well.

IMG_3552 (2)

As you can see, the Purposeful Planner is a monocrhome, black-and-off-white planner that leaves you plenty of room to decorate, color-code, or doodle at will. If you are interested in a simple, professional look, then this planner can fit that mold too.


This planner seems like it’s made for Christian women, to be honest. Each weekly spread has a Prayers & Praise section, and Corie Clark’s letter and inspirational quotes seem to be focused on religious journeys and scripture. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with a planner that has an intentional devotional bent, but it could possibly make non-Christian planner babes feel like this planner just wasn’t made for them.

IMG_3557 (2)

Otherwise, this is a great planner for busy moms who have multiple schedules to keep track of but still need to take care of themselves, savvy business babes who want to keep one eye on home life while still kicking ass at work, stay-at-home parents who need a tool to help them manage their life, and anyone who wants a structured schedule while still having room for meal planning, goal setting, and budgeting. If you want it all, and you want it all in one place, the Purposeful Planner is a great tool. The book-bound version of this planner is also pretty portable, so if you find coil-bound planners to be a bit cumbersome, then this planner might work better for you.


The amount of detail in this planner is awesome. There are so many extras, from monthly menus to budgeting, that this planner has. Corie Clark clearly put a lot of thought into designing this planner, and it shows in the comprehensive content she’s included. I love the weekly spread with its half-hour increments and dedicated spaces for water intake and menus. The monthly goal setting pages remind you of your priorities and goals each month, which is great. I’m also a sucker for the beautiful script font she uses for her months. It’s wonderfult to see such a comprehensive planner in a book-bound format, and I truly dig that about this planner.


The Purposeful Planner is beautifully designed, but there are two nopes that show up for me. First, I would prefer whiter pages (as opposed to the dark cream color in this planner) because I think it would make the font a little crisper without it needing to be so thick/bold. There is a lot going on in the Purposeful Planner, and sometimes it feels like a very soft visual experience rather than a defined one. My second nope is the “Prayer/Praise” box in the planner layout. Corie Clark is clearly a devoted Christian, and God plays a huge part in her life, but the emphasis on God in the Purposeful Planner is enough to potentially make non-Christians uncomfortable using it. Is Purposeful Planner a planner specifically for Christians, or a planner for anyone? There are other planners that incorporate boxes (STARTplanner has a little book icon for one of their sections) that are up for interpretation; you could write scripture in them, or keep track of your progress in a book you’re reading, or add an inspirational quote.

So there you have it! The Purposeful Planner Weekly edition by Corie Clark! I should mention that Corie Clark’s planner is best known for its daily versions, so I thought I should provide links to reviews of those for the 2016 version of the planner. Earn Spend Live did a thorough review, as did The Tiffany Project.

Do you have one of these planners? Do you have the daily version? Is there anything I missed that you wished I’d talked about? Do tell, in the comments. 🙂


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