bloom planners Goodies Haul

I reviewed the bloom planner a few weeks ago and the wonderful ladies at bloom sent me a thank you package of goodies to review! It was my very first #HappyMail from a company interested in my reviews, and I am so grateful & thankful!

This review will be structured differently from my normal reviews because I am looking at multiple types of products and have already conducted a bloom planner review. I will be looking at each product individually and providing my opinion on it as well as suggesting ways to use it/who might be a good fit for it.

Let’s get into the goodies!

IMG_4192 (2)

My delightful package from bloom included:

bloom fashion weekly planners


I won’t go too into detail about the planners–as I mentioned, I’ve done that here–but I did want to write about what makes these two bloom planners different from the Vintage Floral one that I reviewed previously.

After seeing these planners, I realized that there are multiple different color schemes inside these planners. The Vintage Floral planner that I reviewed had a magenta pink interior that was just a little bit too much for me, but the peach color of the rose gold stripes bloom planner is just lovely. The blue in the Fireworks planner is very nice as well–I actually gave this planner to my mother-in-law because she loves to plan out her weeks and I knew she would appreciate the Fireworks cover design (she’s very into Americana). πŸ™‚

IMG_4195 (2)

I really like how bloom planners have carefully constructed varying color themes to match different covers. The rose gold stripe planner has a soft peach interior and a rose gold coil, while the Fireworks planner has a cornflower blue interior and a silver coil. I love these details! I am also a huge fan of the continuous spiral coil–I think it holds up much better than the Wire-O binding option.

I will definitely be tossing this little peachy beauty into my purse for on-the-go planning!

bloom belief cards


The bloom belief cards come in a pack of 30 and include inspirational messages, sayings, and quotes in varied designs. These bright and happy pick-me-ups are great messages to include in your children’s/partner’s lunch bags, slip into a co-worker’s mailbox, send in a letter to a loved one, or attach to gifts.

I love love love that these cards have a nice space on the back with matching design elements where you can write a short note. The cards are glossy, so I recommend being careful about which pens you use to write on them. A fine tip Sharpie would work without any bleeding, or a felt-tip pen as long as it had time to dry.


These cards are great for throwing into letters, cards, gift bags, or leaving for your favorite barista! They could also be left as a thank-you bookmark when returning a book lent by a friend. There is a lot of potential for how to use these little cards to practice gratitude.

Why You’ll Bloom Gift Book

IMG_4204 (2)

This sweet little booklet measuresΒ 4-1⁄2” x 3-1⁄4” and is hardbound. The pages flip easily and have pretty thick paper. The pages on the left are numbered in a fancy script font and cycle through aqua greens and pinks. I like the simplicity of the statements that you fill in, too. This booklet was definitely designed to be a visual keepsake.

IMG_4203 (2)

I really like that this little book is so small. It would be easy to carry with your gift-ee for a quick pick-me-up or to keep in a nightstand or work desk. It’s also a very sweet idea and lets you practice gratitude and share your appreciation for someone special in your life. I love leaving little notes like this around for my husband to find–they always brighten his day and make him feel like I am spending effort and attention on bolstering him up a bit (which I absolutely am!). This booklet is a cute way to do something like that, with a beautiful pastel color palette.

IMG_4202 (2)

This little booklet would be an excellent addition to a birthday/Christmas gift for a bestie, or Mother’s Day gift for mom. I can see dropping this in a gift bag, leaving it in a Christmas stocking (‘Tis the season!), or including it with a birthday card to someone you love. Have a friend or family member going through a rough time? Give them one of these in support to help lift them up in a time or hardship. Honestly, gratitude is a year-round practice, so there isn’t a wrong time or reason to let someone know that you care about them.

I do think that the $9.95 price tag is a little high for what you get–I would expect more like $5.95 or $7.95 for the size of the booklet.

Holiday Planner Sticker Sheets

IMG_4196 (2)

I love that these stickers are organized by month. It reinforces the seasonality of the sticker collection and guides you in using them. These stickers are hand-drawn and slightly glossy. There is an assortment of square boxes that say things like “relax” or “love is in the air”, tiny flag stickers with notes like “Spring break” and “Lucky Day”, script stickers saying things like “Carpe Diem” and “hello June”, themed banners, and lots of hand-drawn options. I think the size of these stickers is great, and I love the art! I’m going to use these stickers in my rose gold stripe bloom planner and report back on Instagram how I feel about the spreads. πŸ™‚

The one thing that confuses me is that there are stickers delineating the month. While I like this for organizational purposes, I am not sure where one is supposed to place the month stickers in the planner, because the months are already written in.

These stickers are perfect for the beginner who wants to start decorating their planner but is overwhelmed by the sticker options out there. This set gives you a monthly section of stickers to use and makes it easy to get into the sticker game!

Mouse Pad in “Poppy Picnic”

IMG_4206 (2)

This mousepad is bright and cheerful and easily the first thing you might spot on a desk when glancing over at it. The shape is cute and would actually fit pretty well in a limited space–if you have a super small desk area, for example. I’m happy with how thick this mousepad is and how it didn’t overwhelm me with chemical smell (sometimes mousepads do that). Currently, this is the only pattern available on the bloom website. It isn’t my favorite–it’s just a little too bright for me and the orange/pink combo isn’t my jam. But it is definitely a cute mousepad for the right person!

IMG_4205 (2)

My only critique of this product is that the shape–although super cute–is a little awkward for actually using a mouse on. If it were bigger, then the shape cut-out would make more sense because it wouldn’t be taking away from the space that the mousepad could be providing, well, the mouse.

I hope you enjoyed my review of these bloom products–the customer service team over at bloom is super sweet and I appreciate their kindness in sending me these products to review! The bloom team is always on the look-out for feedback about their products, which is a fantastic quality in a company. I believe in the importance of evaluation and am a bit of a nerd about it (can’t you tell from my blog where I am literally evaluating planners? ;P), so I’m always excited to see companies taking feedback and comments seriously. Snaps for bloom!

Any questions for me? Leave them in the comments!



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