kate spade Mega & Medium Agendas

Early last month I did a #plannermatch post pairing my sister Kim with the large kate spade agenda in Zodiac. I also wanted to do a more thorough review of the kate spade agenda so I decided to look at both the mega and medium sizes of the 17-month 2017-2018 planner.


I gave away this medium kate space agenda in gold script as part of my Birthday Celebration giveaway in September/October.

The medium kate spade agenda is compact and can be found at Nordstrom, kate spade new york, Amazon, Macy’s, and more. It’s a pretty easy planer to find–the trouble comes in trying to get the cover design that you want. The medium agenda usually goes for $30.

IMG_3832 (2)

This mega kate spade planner was sent to my 1,000 Followers Giveaway winner in October! 🙂

The mega kate spade agenda is also found at these places and goes for $40 or thereabouts. For my international friends, you can find these beauties at My Shining Armour based out of the UK. 🙂

Since I discussed the basics of the kate spade agenda in my earlier #plannermatch post, I will focus here on the bare bones of Function, Aesthetics/Design, Fit, and my Loves and Nopes.


This is a clean, minimal, functional planner. The medium size is quite small and portable at 7.75″h x 6″w. It has a concealed spiral wire-o binding and elastic closure. The mega size is 11″ x 10″ x 1″, so quite large, and has a gold wire-o binding and elastic closure. Both planners come with a gold foil sticker page, double-sided pocket folder, and 17-month span from August 2017 to December 2018.

The first few pages of the planners contain all the standard ingredients–holidays for 2018, year-at-a-glance pages, notes. The kate spade agenda has a generous dappling of notes pages at the beginning of the planner, which is always nice for writing down big-ticket things, lists, reminders, or simply for taking notes.

IMG_3858 (2)

Each month includes a couple of Notes pages at the end of all the weekly spreads as well, so you can definitely take month-specific notes!

IMG_3853 (2)

The kate spade agendas include a section at the beginning to write down 2018 Celebrations–essentially important dates for the year. It’s a little odd that this 17-month planner that starts in August 2017 is only focused on 2018 dates, but I suppose that’s more of a design question than anything else. If you are keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries in this space, those tend to repeat no matter which year you’re in. 😉

IMG_3856 (2)

The monthly spread is fairly simple. The medium agenda has a narrow bar on the lefthand side for Notes or a monthly To-Do list, while the bottom righthand corner contains tiny month-at-a-glances for the month preceding and the month following the current spread.

IMG_3825 (2)

As you can see, the mega agenda has more room for the Notes bar. The monthly spread is a Sunday start and includes goodly-sized boxes. Important dates and holidays are included at the bottom of the day box they are in.

Monthly pages are the same paperweight as regular pages, and the tabs are laminated and cut into the pages as opposed to sticking out as separate entities. There is a little ghosting on the pages if you apply pressure to them, which could actually be a beneficial thing if you wanted to use the weekly lines to properly align what you write in your monthly boxes.

IMG_3857 (2)

The kate spade agenda is a weekly planner in a horizontal format. The weeks start on Monday and provide seven lines of space to write out your plans, schedule, to-dos, or whatever you like. This is a pretty flexible format because all you’re given is space, essentially, so you can use it however best befits you. If there is a holiday or important date, then that information is written in in small italics beneath the day and date.

IMG_3828 (2)

Obviously, you are given more space in the larger agenda. Saturday and Sunday share space and so you get less writing room for your weekend plans.


IMG_3855 (2)

Each month has a two-page “cover.” These vary depending on which kate spade planner you get, but both the medium gold script and the mega gold dot planners have a minimalist design. The lefthand page simple states the month and year, while the righthand page includes a brief inspirational saying.

IMG_3824 (2)

This space is relatively empty but could be great for people who like to write in or create vision boards for each month. You could actually do that here and draw, write, glue, or brainstorm around these minimal, centered words.

These kate spade agendas use a tasteful combination of serif and sans-serif fonts, and manage to skillfully combine the use of italics, regular, and bold on their pages. These agendas embrace white space and leave plenty of room for you to stick with the clean, minimalist style or make these off-white pages as colorful as you like!

IMG_3849 (2)

There are, of course, several cover options. I liked the medium agenda’s foiled gold script because it looks both creative and classic, especially with the bold serif “2018” centered on the cover. The medium agenda also feels compact but bulky and thus satisfying to hold and carry. The hidden spiral makes the cover look streamlined and protects it from damage.

If you want something huge then the mega agenda definitely delivers. The gold dots are juxtaposed by an angled white shadow on black. A black elastic band is attached to the back cover and safely keeps everything together when closed.

IMG_3829 (2)

Other than the size (and various cover designs of course) the biggest aesthetic difference is in the exposed coil versus the hidden coil binding. kate spade uses gold (not true gold–look to inkWELL Press and Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner for that) wire-o binding. The mega planner can be flipped so that only one page shows, while the medium agenda’s hidden coil binding means that you cannot tuck one cover beneath another.

Overall the kate spade agenda is a stylish, sleek, and flexible planner with gold accents and simple designs. This means that you can stay with the theme of the simplicity, or you can doll up your agenda as much as you like and bring some color to the gold, black, and white. This agenda is, after all, a kate spade new york product, and there is a feeling and identity tied to the brand. Honestly, I gave away nine planners for my Birthday Celebration, and the medium kate spade agenda was by far the most popular option. More people wanted this kate spade agenda than a Happy Planner, Recollections Planner, or Fringe Studio planner. Part of the kate spade brand is a certain sense of glamour, and that is definitely part of the aesthetic appeal of this agenda.


The medium kate spade agenda would be a good fit for someone who wants a classy yet portable planner that they can throw into their purse or bag. Need a work planner that you can take on the go? kate spade might be the perfect combination of functional yet fashionable that you’re looking for.

IMG_3859 (2)

Students who want a planner to write down assignments could also make use of the flexible weekly layout in this planner. There is plenty of room to list due-dates, write down homework, keep track of study groups, and anything else school-related you may need to write in. The compact size of the medium planner makes it easy to carry around. It might get dinged up in your book bag, but if a few scratches don’t bother you then toss it around all you like and it will keep everything together!

Contrary to its smaller companion, the mega kate spade agenda is huge and might be a better fit as a desk planner that you rarely carry around. It’s big and a bit heavy, so I would recommend the mega agenda as a household planner–you could easily divide the generous horizontal lined spread into different columns to keep track of multiple schedules, household chores, sections of tasks, or whatever else might help you stay organized. The mega would also serve as a great gratitude journal or diary as there is ample room to write stuff in each day.


This planner would not be a good fit for you weekend warriors who have a ton of stuff to take care of during the weekends. The mega planner might see you through because the space is much bigger, but the medium agenda would hamper your weekends with the miniscule allotment of space.

Lastly, this planner would be a good option for someone who is obsessed with all things kate spade. If you want your agenda to complete your look and your look consists of being decked out in kate spade, then this may be your perfect companion.


I love the flexibility and clean aesthetic of these agendas. They are formatted in a way that lets you mold the weekly pages into whatever you need them to be. I like the space you get in the mega agenda, and the classic design of the planner covers. And, of course, I’m a big fan of gold foiling and elastic bands. 🙂


I wish the paper was thicker and better. It’s not cheap paper, but it does ghost pretty easily and a heavy hand can leave indentations. I think the medium planner is a bit too small to be bound the way it is–it can be difficult to get your hand in there when you aren’t able to tuck one cover beneath the other. Otherwise, this is a great agenda that is honest in its simplicity. Personally, I need a little more structure or I get confused about what to do, sometimes.

There you have it–my review of the medium and mega kate spade agendas! I hope you found this helpful! If I missed anything or you have questions about my review, please leave a comment! I will answer each and every one. 🙂


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