Commit30 2018 Planner

First things first–Merry Christmas Eve, to those of you who celebrate! πŸ™‚ Happy to have you joining me for this Sunday’s blog post! This Sunday I am reviewing the 2018 Commit30 Planner, which was kindly sent to me for review. As with all my reviews, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Commit30 was launched via successful–very successful, reaching $70,511 out of a minimum $10,000 goal–kickstarter in 2015 by couple Jenny & Will. Founder Jenny was diagnosed with cancer at age 23, which she beat (Go Jenny!), but it changed her perspective on life. Life is short and we only have one. She realized that her dreams were continually being pushed to a “someday” list by external factors and that she couldn’t be the only person who felt this way. She decided that she didn’t want to spend time doing things she didn’t love, and that “someday” would be “today.”

Jenny and Will now run three business and are raising two children in a place they love, which means that how they spend their time every day is crucial to their quality of life and the success of their ventures. As Jenny says in their kickstarter video,

You’ll never change your life until you change how you spend your time every day.

The ethos of the Commit30 Planner is that you can commit to anything for 30 days. The design reflects this, and asks you to commit to forming a habit, starting a routine, making a change, trying something new, or whatever it is that you are trying to bring into your life for 30 days at a time.

The Commit30 Planner comes in varied cover colors (Classic Black, Gold Rush, Power Pink, and Boss Blue) and two sizes (Compact and Deluxe). Both planners are usually $40, but the Compact planner is currently on sale for $29.99, while the Deluxe planner is on sale for $34.99! They also have a Fitness Journal, a PDF version of their planner, and an Un-dated planner. I will be reviewing the Gold Rush Limited Edition cover in the Deluxe size of 7″ x 10″, which runs from January 2018–December 2018.


This planner was designed for segmented functionality. The idea is that every 30 days you will recommit to making a change in how you spend your time, which results in a more fulfilling life.

The first page of the planner is the nameplate page, which gives you a place to put your name, contact into, and what you want to do this year, as well as the Commit30 social media information. Next you get a simple title page for the planner. Then you move into your 2018 and 2019 year at a glance pages. I like the way they’ve organized this because you have each month laid out (2018 on one page, 2019 on the other) and then a list of the U.S. holidays. Under that is a dot grid space for any notes.


Then you move into the 5 steps for making the most out of your Commit30 planner. Step 1 is “my vision” and asks “What do I want this year to look like? To feel like?” You get twelve unique circles to fill with your vision for 2018: physical health, marriage/partner, pure joy/fun, mental health, family/friends, adventure/travel, spiritual health, career, community, personal growth, home, and finances.


Step 2 is “my monthly goals overview” and prompts you to use the detailed goal setting page for each month to set your twelve main goals for the year. This is something you could try to do all at the beginning, or tackle each month. I recommend taking it each month at a time–set aside some time to review your vision circles and then think about your focus area each month. You can always flip back to this page and fill them in as you go!

Step 3 is the rest of the planner–“my daily action steps.” The planner suggests that you plan out your days the night before to better set realistic and achievable goals. This page shows you the intention behind the weekly layout, from daily focus to notes. We will get into this more when we look at the weekly spread.

Step 4 is to “track each day.” There is a monthly checklist for tracking if you kept up with your goal for the month that you can use to follow you progress. Step 5 is to “share your goals”–you can share with friends and/or family to help build accountability, or you can share with the online community using the #commit30 hashtag.


For January specifically you get a page where you can brainstorm, write about, or map out your 2018 goals. The rest of the planner has a notes page (also in dot grid) for the page next to the monthly inspirational message. Each month starts with a quote or saying picked to motivate you. These messages are very direct and simple and designed to give you gentle encouragement as you work though the planner.


At the beginning of each month you get a two-page goal setting spread. It starts with your big, overarching monthly goal. Want to work out three days a week? Quit a bad habit? Implement a new routine? Whatever change you want to focus on this month, write it in the big circle. Then you get six smaller circles to mapping out action steps. It’s okay if you don’t use them all. Maybe you only have two or three action steps! That’s okay. As long as your steps are bite-sized enough to accomplish, they are entirely at your discretion. Then you get a space to reflect–did you reach your goal or not? Why or why not? You can rate your effort and then jot down some next steps. Maybe if you didn’t reach your goal your next steps are to try again with some adjustments. It’s okay to fail as long as you move forward with new information/lessons learned. ❀

Then you get a page for your monthly checklist/tracker. You write out what you are committing to (putting it into words cements it better in your mind) and list a reward for yourself. Maybe your goal is to lose 10lbs that month and your reward is a new workout outfit, or a manicure. It’s good to give yourself a reward for your hard work, because sometimes changing a bad habit or building a new one can kind of suck at first. Incentivize yourself! Each day you successfully work towards your monthly commitment, you can check off the comparable day of the month.

IMG_5446 (2)

Then you reach the monthly spread. You get reasonably sized rectangles for each day of the month, as well as a Monday start. The date for each day of the month is in the upper left hand corner of the box. Holidays are in small type in the upper right hand corners. There is a small section in the left hand side of the spread to reaffirm your commitment for the month. Beneath that is a long column for Notes that bleeds into the rest of the page space. I think that the Deluxe planner size uses its extra space for more dot grid notes but otherwise doesn’t differ in overall dimensions for the actual calendar. The benefit of this is that you get a LOT of notes space with each monthly spread. There is a consistent flag in the bottom right corner of each page that reminds you which month you are in.


The weekly spread is the meat of the planner. Like the monthly spread, you get a Monday start. You get a focus box at the top of each weekly column where you can write what you are committed to. Maybe it’s an action step towards your goal, or maybe it’s just reaffirming a new habit you are trying to create. Then you get three boxes that you can break into sections however you please. There are appointment numbers on the left hand side of the spread for each page that you can use as times of the day if you want to have an hourly approach, or you can ignore it or cover it up with washi and break your boxes into different types of sections. The appointment times go from 5–7, and don’t include “am” or “pm” so they are up for interpretation. The bottom of the columns includes three boxes that you can use–much like InkWELL Press Planners have. These could break into top three tasks for the day, appointments, meals, or whatever else you would like to use them for.

The left hand column of the page has two task lists, one for “Life To Do” and one for “Work To Do.” You get 7 check boxes for Life To Do and 8 for Work To Do. This helps you separate your work and personal life, which can be helpful if you have trouble separating them or if you find that your work life takes over everything else. Then you have a generous space for notes, half of which is dot grid and the other half is blank.

After all your calendar pages, you get a 6-page spread for future planning in 2019. It’s very comprehensive and, while small, has a lot of space to write stuff in, especially if you use a thin pointed pen! You get two months per page, and each spread includes a small dot grid notes section.

Then you get a generous Notes section with 29 dot grid pages. How you use them is entirely up to you!


The Commit30 planner has a very clear aesthetic.

The Deluxe Commit30 planner is 7″ x 10″ and weighs about 21oz. It’s book bound with a flexible PU vegan leather cover and elastic closure. Using environmentally friendly materials is a point of pride for Commit30 and they use FSC certified paper stock. The limited edition covers have a complex design that reminds me of early 1990s street art murals with overlapping big, soft curves and shapes. The Gold, Blue, and Pink cover options are metallic and have a slight shimmery sheen.

The back cover doesn’t have artwork on it and is just a plan, metallic gold with the Commit30 logo centered at the bottom. It’s a very light and flexible book and a good size for having plenty of writing space as well as portability.

IMG_5460 (2)

The planner is about 3/4″ thick and includes an elastic closure band and curved edges. There is also a single black ribbon to help you keep your place, which I always appreciate!

IMG_5457 (2)

There is a pocket on the inside back cover. Lined with a linen-like material. Also when I received the planner it came with a welcome card and a complimentary sheet of stickers, which are pretty cute!


The entire planner has accents in this golden British khaki color. The color is a little greenish, goldish khaki–it’s a bit difficult to describe. It is an earthy color that could be representative of the environmental values of the Commit30 company. It is used consistently throughout the planner, so if you want the Commit30 planner you should probably be cool with this color theme.

Commit30 also uses one font! They do it all with a semi bold sans serif in a consistent weight. The heavier weight of the text helps juxtapose the darker khaki color.

Overall this planner has a simple, unisex aesthetic that makes balanced use of minimalist black text and white space–although I wouldn’t call this a minimalist planner. The thematic color is heavily used throughout the planner but still balances well with the other minimalist choices. I think the size is fantastic and both portable and spacious.


Pen test!

This paper is a “super smooth high quality, ink proof paper–about twice as thick as a standard sheet of printer paper to limit ink bleeding from fountain pens and permanent markers.” The paper is 100gsm and a slightly textured smooth paper. This paper handles ink very, very well. As you can see, the permanent Sharpie barely bleeds through. There is just the slightest shadow for the rest of the pens. You can throw any pen in your arsenal at this paper, although I wouldn’t recommend planning in Sharpie permanent marker. A+ from me!


I would recommend this planner to anyone who wants a unisex planner that is simple but highly functional. If you are trying to instigate change in your life–which is of course the #1 way that change happens–then this is a great planner to help with your efforts. I would recommend this planner to someone who wants to develop new habits and routines–especially if you are going through a large transition in 2018. If you’re starting a new job and want to change up your routine to adapt to a new schedule, then this planner will help you take it one step at a time.

If you want a portable planner that isn’t super small, then this planner would work for you. Especially if you have larger handwriting and have trouble squeezing it into small spaces. The 7″ x 10″ size makes this planner a great choice for carrying around while still getting plenty of real estate for writing things down. I would recommend this planner for students who are juggling school and a job, as it will help you keep your eyes on the prize, as it were. It’s also very light so carrying it around everywhere likely won’t feel burdensome to your back.

I’ve seen a lot of people use this planner as a fitness planner. It’s format would work great for a health and wellness planner with monthly goals and a flexible weekly spread where you can keep track of meals and exercise. Commit30 also has a Fitness Journal which specifically focuses on using the Commit30 method in a health-focused way.


The nice thing about this planner is that the Commit30 system is flexible enough to work for anyone, whether your goals are situated around fitness or travel, personal growth or college, building a career or refocusing on your dreams after retirement. It’s a system that invites change and helps you ease it gently into your life. It’s a pretty versatile planner and can fit into multiple lifestyles.

I would not recommend this planner to anyone who doesn’t like the greenish gold khaki color used throughout it. You can’t escape it, so if you don’t like it, look elsewhere. I would also not recommend this planner to anyone who something extra to keep track of in your planner and prefer a simple and minimal spread with little to no goal setting. This is a goal setting, goal crushing planner, so if that isn’t how you like to plan or what you want to use your planner for, look elsewhere


I love the flexibility of the Commit30 planner, and how its system helps you introduce change into your life in manageable chunks. I love the overall ethos of this planner, its functionality that encourages you to do better and return focus to your dreams. I love the 7″ x 10″ size of the planner and how light and portable it is. I also love the paper that this planner uses–it’s smooth but handles ink better than most planners I’ve reviewed. I think that with the current sale price of $29.99 for the Compact planner and $34.99 for the Deluxe that you are getting great value for your product. It will definitely hold up for you during the 2018 year.


I am not a fan of the color scheme–the greenish gold khaki color just doesn’t do it for me. I think it’s a little too dark in some places to easily, visibly write in unless you’re using a thick pen.

There you have it! My review of the Commit30 Planner for 2018! Do you use this planner or have any questions I didn’t get a chance to answer? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

You can follow the Commit30 planner journeys via the hashtag #commit30 on Instagram and beyond for inspiration and a better idea of how others use their Commit30 planners.

Until next time!


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