kitlife 2018 Weekly Planner

Hello planner babes! I hope everyone had/is having a wonderful holiday season! Did you pick out your 2018 planner yet? πŸ™‚ I still have plenty of planner reviews coming atcha! So don’t worry if you haven’t found the right planner for you–chances are I’ll be reviewing it soon. πŸ˜‰

This Thursday I’m reviewing the new Weekly Planner by kitlife (affiliate link)! Kitlife is known for their Daily Planner, which has been their staple product for a while. The first kitlife planner launched in 2013. Team Kit is made up of three fabulous ladies: Jessica, Jenny, and Liz.

The concept of their planner started as the Daily Life Planner (later the kitlife planner) and was based off of Jessica’s search for a book that could handle all of the things she wanted to track in her daily life. She found that she was using five or six books to track her life and that it wasn’t as efficient as she wanted it to be. She wanted a place that could track wellness, gratitude, her schedule, and more. She mocked up the first design of daily kitlife planner and took it to her friends Jenny and Liz to ask for help further developing it. Team Kit was born.

Kitlife offers three lines of planners. They have Daily Planners ($52), Weekly Planners ($48), and A5 inserts ($16 a Quarter, so $64 for all four quarters). There are also plenty of Planner Accessories, including stickers and clipboard planner covers. I will be reviewing the 2018 Weekly Planner by kitlife.


This planner was designed to allow you to keep everything in one place. It can accommodate your schedule, tasks, gratitude, notes, wellness, and more.

When you purchase your planner you can chose to have a gold coil or a silver coil. As you can see, I have a gold one. The Weekly Planner comes with a pink (blush) cover while the Daily Planner comes with a blue (teal) one. The covers are a thick, laminated card stock and protected by a clear plastic overlay. The first page is a frosted velum over the phrase “life is more than a to-do list.” This is a great reminder to focus on holistic planning as you begin your new planner. You aren’t just tracking a list of what to do, you are also focusing on a number of other things–wellness, gratitude, your schedule, your memories, notes, etc.

Then you get a page providing an overview of the kitlife philosophy. The kitlife team believes in a balanced approach to planning and share their four pillars of a balanced life: productivity, gratitude, wellness, and goal setting. This page also reminds you that “kitlife is a party!” But it wouldn’t be one without you. They give you ways to share your planning process via social media. Lastly, this page reminds you that they have a number of other products designed to pair with their planners.

Then you get your year-at-a-glance page, which includes both 2018 and 2019. Next to that is your page for noting Occasions of Importance, with a lined section for each month. This would be the space to write down birthdays, anniversaries, important upcoming events, etc.

Then you reach your first Quarterly Check-In page. This is something unique to kitlife, where you are prompted to reflect on where you are in multiple areas of life before jumping into the next quarter. This helps you set realistic and relevant goals. Each Quarterly Check-In is slightly different. For example, the Quarterly Check-In before January begins asks you what your New Year’s Resolutions are. You can also record “I’m Loving,” “I’m So Grateful For,” and “For the Quarter Ahead, My Goals Are…” You have a space to write in your Personal Inventory (health), what you are Excited to Experience, and your Reading List.


Each tabbed divider is in a clear plastic with the first three letters of each month on the protruding tab. The material is flexible but thick.

One of my favorite things about the kitlife planner is the thoughtful cover page for each month. You get a Self-Care Suggestion, where you are encouraged to try a new tool or are given some insight on nutrition. The Icing on the Cake section reminds you to set yourself up for success by reminding you about important upcoming national deadlines (like taxes) or providing a nice recipe for the season, or something else helpful. The Best Time to Buy section gives you some insight into what is usually discounted or priced down during this month. For example, January appears to be the best month to buy gift cards! The Feel the Love section gives you tips on showing yourself and others some affection and appreciation. The Celebrate and Educate section reminds you of fun upcoming holidays and national designations. Lastly, the Snail Mail Challenge gives you a monthly challenge to help you come up with content to snail mail to friends and loved ones. This cover page has the same sections but new information every month, which is delightful.


Then you reach the monthly spread! You get a Sunday start with this spread, which only gives you numbers for the featured month. No low opacity “1” or whatnot for the first of the next month. Popular holidays are included on the spread as well. You also get (of course) the title of the month and year in the top left hand corner of the two-page spread. You also get a small month-at-a-glance for the month preceding the current on and the month following. Then you have a small lined section for January Goals.


The weekly layout is a new kitlife layout–they are usually daily girls! The two-page weekly spread is a Monday start. Each day gets the same amount of space allotted to it, which is lovely. It’s a well-organized horizontal spread. Half the spread has six check boxes for a daily list of tasks or appointments. The second half of the weekly spread just has lines for whatever your needs are! If there is a holiday, it will be added in script font alongside the day and date. Then you get a generous lined notes section at the end of the week, which has been kept blank for whatever your needs are.

You also get a lovely quote at the bottom of the first page in your weekly spread each week, as well. These are inspirational and motivational. The weekly layout makes excellent use of the space on each page–you get a clean spread with minimalist yet colorful design accents.


At the end of each month you get a “Doodle Break” notes page before the next month begins. You can color in the partial mandalas on the lined page, or continue to doodle in the space, or use it for notes. Then you get the next month’s clear tabbed divider and cover page.

There are two unique sections added to the Weekly Planner–(1) Gratitude, and (2) Wellness. The Gratitude section comes first and includes seven sections per page for recording gratitude. The bottom left hand corner of each section has a space for writing in the date. This layout is flexible and functional–you can use it whenever you want to record gratitude (maybe as part of a 30 day challenge?) and skip days without wasting any space.

The Wellness pages are structured with four lined boxes per page. Like the Gratitude sections, there is a space to record the date in the bottom left hand corner of each box. These are also different Wellness-focused stickers designed by kitlife to specifically fit in these spaces. You can record nutrition, meals, fitness, and more. This space could be used for recording meals, calories, exercise, mantras, meditations, etc. However wellness translates for you, these pages are flexible enough to accommodate it.

There are sever add-in options that you can select for both the Weekly and Daily planners. These options include: Notes, BuJo, Budget, Direct Sales, Direct Sales Team, and Teacher add-ins. The kitlife team provided Notes and BuJo add-ins for my weekly planner, which provides plenty of space for taking notes and planning extra stuff that doesn’t fit into you normal spread! You could start a Bullet Journal practice without buying a separate notebook for it, or integrate a BuJo practice into your weekly planner.


kitlife is based in Orlando, Florida, and their products reflect the bright and happy aesthetic so often associated with the Sunshine State. πŸ™‚ Their products manage to be colorful and bright without blinding you or throwing neon at you, which adds to the cheerful but still sophisticated look of the kitlife planner.

Your planner comes lovingly packaged in a bright pink keepsake bag, which I love.

The kitlife Weekly Planner measures 8.75″ x 8.5″ x 0.95″, which is a deviation from the ever-popular 7″ x 9″ size while still being close enough to feel familiar. It’s surprisingly light for how big it is.

The cover is a blush pink with the decorative title “keeping it together” against a soft pink ikat pattern. Centered at the bottom of the cover is the brand identification “kitlife planner” along with the year that planner covers “two thousand eighteen” and the planner edition you have “weekly planner.” The binding is a sturdy spiral coil in a brassy gold and keeps the planner together without difficulty.

The back cover doesn’t have a clear protective cover over it (although you can buy one from the online kitlife shop), but is rather a flexible gray. The website for kitlife ( is centered on the bottom of the cover.

IMG_5536 (2)

The inside back cover of the planner has the “Proudly Made in America” designation as well as a disclaimer regarding the health suggestions throughout the planner.

IMG_5529 (2)

Each month has a different color scheme. January was yellow, February pink, etc. The colors are a bright watercolor design without being too saturated, which has a nice effect on the weekly pages. You get a pop of color and you get months organized by color but you aren’t tied to an overwhelming amount of it.

The cover page for each month includes icons for the various sections–a cupcake for “Icing on the Cake,” & etc. Headings are in a sans serif all-caps font and text is in a serif font. For big blocks of text, serif fonts are usually easier on the eyes. This is helpful for the reader. πŸ™‚ The title part of the cover page has the month in all caps sans-serif font with the year in script below it. There is also a colorful circle with the number of the month (06 for June) in it above the month’s title.

The tabbed dividers are a misty plastic that add to the sturdiness of the planner without adding to the weight. They are flexible and easy to navigate. They are actually quite versatile because they allow the planner itself to be physically flexible but also structured.

The lovely ladies at kitlife sent me some extras as well! I received one of their new clip covers in Sunset & Seashells, a sample set of their sticker sheets for the Wellness section, and a planner dashboard with pockets.

The clip covers are new this year and feature a myriad of cover options. In the past, kitlife has had one or two options for the entire planner (Festival versus Classic, for example), but they are really changing it up this year and releasing more options for customizing your planner. πŸ™‚ The clip covers can be inserted under the plastic overlay and let you “showcase your own unique style.” The Sunset & Seashells cover, for example, is “vibrant and colorful for the mermaid in all of us.” These clip covers feel like a thick laminate cardstock, although they are a more flexible material (think Plum Paper covers). Clip covers are $7, or $9 for options with foil detailing. I found that the clip cover is pretty easy to install and I haven’t yet had any problems with it falling off.

The stickers I received are a mixture of Nutrition Trackers, Fitness Tracker, Calls & Follow-Ups, and Social Media Tracker. These stickers are designed and sized to fit in the Wellness section and help you organize your space.

ThePlanner Dashboard ($7.50) is a misty plastic that is designed to fit wherever you need it in the planner. It pops in and out easily. Two thin plastic pockets (one on each side) can hold scraps of paper, receipts, notes, cards, etc. They are pretty tight so they can’t fit too much, but will do in a pinch if you’re on the go. I’m not the biggest fan of the dashboard because of how much it sticks out of the planner–I would rather have something that clips in without being longer than the shape of the book.

IMG_5543 (2)

Overall, this planner is packed with helpful information that helps to guide you through each month of living your best life. The Weekly spread makes maximum use of space while still showcasing kitlife’s unique and cheery aesthetic. The planner is comprehensively designed to fit your life in one book, and the thoughtful recommendations each month and sections for Gratitude and Wellness are lovely touches. If you want some color in your life, this planner provides it without overwhelming you. You can pick up a clip cover that fits your aesthetic best, from floral to minimalist. The font choices throughout are balanced and tasteful.


Pen test!

kitlife uses a 70 lbs. paper, which feels smooth and holds up remarkably well to most of my pens. The Sharpie Permanent Market shadows but doesn’t actually bleed through, which is stellar, and the Stabilo Boss Highlighter ghosts. Otherwise this paper held up against most of my pens without feeling too thick or heavy. I wouldn’t recommend using markers on it (you can see some ghosting from the Erin Condren Medium tip marker), but otherwise from ballpoint to rollerball, gel ink to felt tip, this paper can handle it all. A+!

IMG_5551 (2)

This book is delightfully floppy. You know that feeling when you pick up a book and it just feels so satisfying flopping back and forth in your hands? The kitlife planner feels like that. The thick card stock-ish covers keep the planner light and easy to carry while the overall book is a large enough size to fit everything you need in it.

I would recommend this planner for anyone who wants a floppy, flexible book to carry around with them. If you want a sizable planner but don’t want it to weigh a ton, this is a good option for you. If you prefer a planner that can hold up to, well, life, then the kitlife planner will last you. Its malleable structure means that you can toss it in your bag without fear that you’re breaking the coil or denting the cover.

If you are a student, this planner would be great for keeping track of your daily homework and also for planning ahead for exams and papers. There is plenty of space to do this and the planner is a colorful beacon that will remind you to consistently use it. If you are a person who wants your life to be in one planner, one place, then the kitlife planner might be a great weekly option for you. This planner would also be great for someone who is new to planning and wants to see how it might work for them. It’s a flexible layout with guided content to help you settle in.

If your days are relatively routine and you don’t want to be writing “Work” in most of the space for a daily schedule, then the weekly planner might be a better option. This planner might also be a great option if you like to use both digital and paper planning tools. Keep your schedule on your phone? Great, this planner will help you fill in the rest.

I think this would be a great planner for managing your household. I also think this would be a fantastic gift for that recent college grad starting their first job or living on their own for the first time. It will help you develop a habit of tracking multiple areas of your life.

I would not recommend this planner for someone who wants a strictly minimalist planner or is overwhelmed by having too much content in a planner. This is not a bare bones planner and is most effective when its content is utilized. I also wouldn’t recommend this planner to you if you want a book that you can bring into the office and take detailed notes in–there are notes pages but if you have meetings every day that you need to take com,prehensile notes for, then I would suggest a different system for you. Lastly, this is a colorful planner, so if you aren’t into that then look elsewhere.


I love the shape and flexibility of this planner. I’m a huge fan of floppy books in general and really like that this planner has that feel to it. I love the monthly cover pages that give you seasonal updates and recommendations–this feels like a really thoughtful section to include in a planner and I love that intention behind it. I love the Gratitude and Wellness sections that give you a space to record those two very important things without making you feel bad for missing a day. I love that there are add-ins you can select to make your planner a little more personal. I also love that this planner has a spiral coil. πŸ™‚ I love the Quarterly Check-In pages to help you stay on track, and that each day in the weekly spread gets equal space. I’m also a big fan of weekly spreads that give you a space with check boxes and a space for whatever else you need.


I wish that there was a clear plastic protective cover on the back of the planner because I like things to be even. I also wish there were a couple notes pages included in each monthly section instead of the Doodle Break page, which is already covered with a design and thus not as effective a notes page as it could be.

There you have it! My (belated) review of the 2018 kitlife Weekly Planner! I hope you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚ This is a new product so I would love to hear your thoughts or answer your questions–leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Right now, there is a New Year’s Sale on the kitlife planner (Daily and Weekly), so go check that out if you are interested in this planner! πŸ™‚

Until next time!


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