Horacio Printing 2018 Classic Planner

Hello hello! I’m (finally) back this week with a review of the 2018 Classic Planner from Horacio Printing! 🙂

The “Horacio” in Horacio Printing has many meanings–“timekeeper” in Latin, probably the only sane character in Hamlet, and the street in NYC where the planner and brand came to be. This is a Christian planner and has a lot of religious motifs throughout. There is a lot to share about the vision and history of Horacio Printing, but I’ll let founder Polly tell you all about it herself. 😉

The purpose of this planner is to help you plan your dreams, remove distractions and cultivate new habits that align your heart with God’s purpose for your life. “The Best Is Yet To Come” is a promise from your Heavenly Father.

There are usually two different cover options for the planner–I have the Classic here. This planner usually retails for $40 plus shipping, although right now there is a sale and this planner is only $32!


I think of this planner as a highly functional but thematic planning option.

The planner opens with a “This year belongs to” nameplate page, complete with scripture. You get an inside pocket folder as well with the message “Love your dreams” in gold foil. Next is a blank page with some basic copyright information, but it is actually a nice canvas for creating a vision board if you are so inclined! Then you get a warm welcome letter from Polly & her crew at Horacio Printing.

Next, you have a Dream Planning section, which provides a blank page to use as a canvas for your 2018 Bucket List. Horacio Printing focuses on personal growth and helping you get there. “Our thoughts, actions, habits, and schedule determine who we become,” they say. You start with a pie chart of how you feel about multiple categories in your life. You shade in how you feel you are doing, and then think of the pie chart as a wheel. The goal is balance, so your wheel isn’t super janky and can turn smoothly. 😉

Then you get a couple pages for a Refocus Cloud, where you essentially brainstorm out how you would like to spend your time (and therefore, your life).

Horacio Printing doesn’t specifically make a goal planner, but they are definitely focused on helping you build goals via introspection and balance. You get a couple of pages for jotting down bite-sized tasks/habits that you can complete consistently and that further your dreams. Then you have a page for Top 3 Bold Dreams for 2018 where you expand on some of the big, exciting tasks from your bucket list and make them actionable.

Next, you have a couple pages for Generosity Planning (where you think about giving of yourself) and a Heart Check (reflecting on starting from where you are). Then you get one of my favorite parts of this planner–a place to record your fears. While this planner is religious in nature and thus focused on the Christian Bible as a method for addressing your fears, I love the idea and intention behind creating (or borrowing) a mantra to help you face your fears as you move through the year.

The Horacio Printing Classic Planner is also a planner organized in seasons. There is an intentional two-page spread for each season of the year, starting (of course) with Winter.


There is a 2018 year at a glance page juxtaposed with a brush script “He’s got this,” presumably to help you combat the overwhelm of thinking about the entire year that’s spread before you.


Then you get into your monthly spread. This is beautifully designed with a Sunday start and a lot of open, uncluttered space. Each month includes scripture in the upper righthand page. The name of the month is in both text and script in the upper lefthand corner of the spread. There is a blank, untitled column of space on the lefthand side of the layout. It’s a simple but effective spread.


The weekly spread is simple but structured with a generous use of white space. This planner comes with a Sunday start for the week, so keep that in mind if you generally like your weekends paired together. You start with a To-Do List as the left-most column. The entire weekly spread has a light dot grid format. Above the To-Do List column, you have the start and end of the week you’re on—Mar 4-Mar 10, in the above photo, for example. You also get the date of each day in the upper left-hand corner of the daily column. Below the To-Do List column is a month at a glance for your current month and a highlight of which week your spread covers.

Each day of the week gets a column—they are all the same size, so you don’t get any less space for the weekends. Most of the daily column is shaded in a very light gray, which could help you separate your days between schedule and tasks, or notes and to-dos, etc. However you would best like to set your planner up! The dot grid background makes it easy to spatially organize your spread–like pseudo-bullet journaling where you can set up each column however you like with a structured spatial system to work off of. There is also a space for Weekly Intentions. I love the phrasing of this–“Intentions” doesn’t punish you for not completing a task or getting to something you meant to. Thus the planning is more fluid and less based on hard deadlines.

As I mentioned, this is a planner organized by seasons. With each new season comes a prayer for you from Horacio Printing, a Personal Growth Check-In where you re-allocate your categorical pie chart and hope it becomes more of a wheel, and a place to write-in your top three actions for each category. You also have another Generosity Planning page and Heart Check page. This planner keeps pulling you back towards self-reflection and introspection. I like the seasonal check-ins–it reminds you of the goals & dreams you mapped out for yourself at the beginning of the planner, which is sometimes easy to drift away from as the year becomes more chaotic and filled with the distractions of daily life.

At the end of the calendar pages you reach a Projects section. You set goals & imagined dreams for yourself at the start of the planner, and this section exists to help you break those goals down into more actionable steps. Horacio Printing has provided clear directions and 11 two-page spreads to help you achieve your dreams and realize your intentions.

You get a page for clearly stating your desired outcome, writing down your “why”, and defining how you are measuring success. Then you get a “map it out” section where you can brainstorm, set concrete deadlines, etc. Whatever you need to help you get there! The second page is for more thoroughly writing out the stages of achieving your goal/dream, 1–3. Each line has a checkbox for marking your task as completed!


At the very end of the planner you get a few dot grid notes pages.


The Horacio Printing Classic Planner is a sleek, clean book with minimalist design elements and beautiful details.

The 2018 Classic Planner comes in a lovely white floursack bag with the phrase “the best is yet to come” printed on it in black. It also includes the name of the company (Horacio Printing) and the origin of your planner (New York City!). The Classic edition of the planner has the phrase “the best is yet to come” in gold foil brushstroke lettering on the front of the book–it’s truly gorgeous. Then of course you have the year in smaller font below.

This planner is a good size–7.5 x 9″, including the coil. It’s a little over 3/4″ thick, little less than 1″. You also get an elastic band closure, which I am always a fan of!


The cover is a sturdy hardboard. It is worth mentioning that there are no metal protective corners on this planner, so I would be careful tossing it about willy-nilly. The planner is bound with wire-o in a brassy gold. The brush script on the front of the planner is consistent with headers and featured phrases are printed within the pages.


The aesthetic of this planner is minimalist, with clean lines and lots of white space. The best example of this is in the monthly calendar pages, which feature plenty of space, highlighting the openness of the layout. There is a consistent use of a lightweight sans serif font for designating holidays and presenting quotes/scripture. Otherwise, most headings are in brush script. The heavier brush script draws the eye, but doesn’t unbalance the rest of the page or spread.

As you can see, this planner doesn’t have any tabs. A complimentary clear bookmark with the phrase “a new day” in brush script is included with the planner, so you can find your place without worrying about having a monthly tabbed section to get you there.


This planner packs in a lot of content while still remaining simple and relatively lightweight. It’s a great size for portability! Overall, this is a clean & well-designed planner with a unique layout and balanced use of sans serif and brush script fonts.


Pen test!

Horacio Printing uses a high-quality paper at 140 gsm/100 lbs. Honestly, I can’t even tell that there is writing on the other side of the page. No bleed whatsoever. Your inkier rollerball pens will do well on this paper. The paper has more of a matte finish than a smooth one, but doesn’t feel toothy. It feels more like a clean cardstock. The paper in this planner should be able to handle almost any pen you ink it up with. 😉

If you want high-quality paper but don’t care about tabs, then this planner is a good option for you. If you are Christian and want a Christian planner but want it to look modern and sleek, this is a great choice.


I would recommend this planner to someone who wants a Christian planner but has minimalist taste. Thematic planners can sometimes be a tad gaudy, and the Horacio Printing planner avoids this trope with their clean, simple design. If you are looking for a planner that will help you practice your Christian faith on a weekly basis, then this is a great option for that. If you need a little faith-based push each week, month, and season to set and conquer your goals, then the Horacio Planner is perfect for you.

I would recommend this planner to someone who needs some hand-holding when it comes to setting up yearly goals & dreams, but who doesn’t need their weekly spread to constantly prod them in this direction. If you’ve got the weekly spread, then this planner leaves that pretty open for you. At the same time, it provides an in-depth exploration and structure for setting goals and feeling out your ambitions and intentions.


If you want a place to keep track of daily tasks, map out your dreams in a semi-structured environment, or simply need help digging into what matters most, then the Horacio Printing Classic Planner might fit the bill for you!

I would not recommend this planner to students, because it is focused on holistic and lifelong planning. Often, students are preoccupied with their immediate world (understandably so!) and don’t need even more pressure to define their future. This planner would work best for someone who is concerned with setting goals for the future and working to define some dreams. 🙂

I would also not recommend this planner to anyone who is uncomfortable with religion. This is a faith-based Christian planner, so if that isn’t what you’re looking for then you might want to look elsewhere. This planner would, however, be perfect for someone who wants a touch of faith in their planner but doesn’t want it to scream religion, aesthetically.


I love the font choices in this planner–they are so on point! I love the size, which is nice and portable but still large enough to get some quality writing into. I love the dot-grid background in the weekly pages and the beautiful simplicity of the monthly spread. I think that Horacio Printing has fantastic design sense and has created a truly elegant planner.


There is a little too much white space in the weekly pages for my liking. It looks gorgeous but doesn’t give me much room in the daily columns. I also would like to see protective metal covers to protect the planner’s corners. I also really like having monthly tabs, so I do miss those on this planner.

There you go! My review of the Horacio Printing Classic Planner for 2018! I hope you enjoyed this review–my friend Amanda has a video review of this planner as well, which you can find here. 🙂

Until next time! Which will be Sunday. 😉


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