90X Goal Planner (Undated)

It is with great pleasure that I share my review of the 90X Goal Planner, which is based out of my hometown of San Diego, California! This review is going up late with my apologies–I had an impromptu trip to Mexico to visit my mother, spent a few days bedridden with a vicious sinus infection, and then went directly into house hunting mode. I know many of you have been waiting with remarkable patience for my review! Thank you, and I hope it was worth the wait!

The 90X Goal Planner team reached out to me to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing their planner, and I said that I would. I had noticed the planner in a couple of local shops while visiting San Diego last year, and was excited to dig into this book! They kindly sent me a planner gratis to review for you!

The 90X Goal Planner has an inspiring origin story. The founder & CEO, ALoN, arrived in America without a business connection to speak of. Through hard work and ambition, ALoN went to school full time while working in construction, eventually hustling hard enough to earn his degree and start a photography business. His business became a 6-figure success with the help of his very own goal setting system, which he developed to turn his minimum-wage job into an opportunity. He realized that his goal setting system worked, and decided to produce it and share it with the world. Thus the 90X Goal Planner was born.

If you’re looking for a system that can help you not only effectively set goals, but also achieve your dreams and change your life, then the 90x goal-planner is the only planner for you.

This planner is designed to carry you 90 days (or one quarter, if you prefer to think that way) at a time. It is undated, which means that you can start at any time. This planner costs $33.77, which gets you through 90 days of super focused goal setting. The price means that in order to carry you through an entire year, it would cost roughly $135, which is a little on the pricier side. You do get the option on the 90X website to subscribe to quarterly planner deliveries and save 25% ($101.31 for four planners to get you through the year). You do get a huge amount of content in your planner, so let’s dig into that!


This planner is designed as a goal-setting system, complete with monthly, weekly, and daily spreads. It is a planner, and a wonderfully thick one, but it is an intense and ambitious organizational system that will help you stay focused on achieving your goals.

Your planner opens with a simple nameplate page that includes spaces to fill in your name, phone, email, and the option to provide a reward for its return. Then you flip to a Copyright page, which includes credits for the creation, design, and editing of this planner. There is a simple title page with the 90X Goal Planner logo and plenty of white space to use, draw all over, or leave blank. The next page also includes the logo, as well as the website and the “community hashtag”—#90xGoalPlanner. Then you get a letter from ALoN welcoming you to your new planner and setting the tone for a productive 90 days ahead!

Next, you turn to page to a Getting Started Guide. One of the great things about 90X Goal Planner is that you are never left wondering how to use your planner. ALoN and his team make sure that you have all the information you need to make the most out of your new goal setting system.

This handy guide is like a glossary mixed with an outline. It describes the sections of the planner, highlights some of the purposeful design choices (like open space), and provides definitions for new words like “FolloDo”—one list that encompasses personal To Dos, work To Dos, and Follow-up items.

Next, you get into a few pages leading you through How to Fill Out (the rest of) These Pages. 😉

The “How To Fill Out” section contains 13 pages of thorough explanations and examples of how to use your planner. The Pie of Wealth is a unique part of the 90X Goal Planner system and one that ALoN both preaches and lives. The idea is that people accumulate wealth most effectively through multiple streams of income. ALoN has provided an example of how he uses this section to document and brainstorm multiple income sources–in the Age of the Side Hustle this Pie of Wealth could be useful for tracking gigs, side hustles, etc.

The next pages provide examples of how to fill out your Top 5 Goals, Why These Goals, Main Actions, and Ideas, 30 Day Overview, Weekly, and Daily sections/spreads. ALoN provides examples, showing you how these pages might be used. Each section is explained, which makes this a handy reference to return to if you need guidance or examples to help you with your own responses to these prompts.

Now it’s your turn! You begin with a 90 Days spread. You can actively check each day off as you move towards accomplishing/progress on your goals. This is a great visual overview that will help you see your progress! The next pages are of course your Pie of Wealth, Vision Board, Top 5 Goals, Why These Goals, Main Actions, and Ideas sections. You’ve seen an example of how ALoN filled them out, which you can return to for inspiration when needed.

The Vision Board is set up in multiple boxes and a prompt. ALoN asks what your goals would be if you had unlimited time and money. What are your biggest dreams? What would you do if there were no obstacles? Write them in the boxes. Then circle the Top 5 goals–these are what the 90X Goal Planner wants to help you achieve.

The following pages instruct you to write out your goals, think a bit about why you want to achieve them, and then asks you to break them down into actionable steps. Once you have that down, you get into the meat of the planner.

90x Goal Planner-23

This isn’t a normal monthly view–you don’t even need to begin this month on the first of the month if you don’t want to. (You certainly can.) The Starting Date space in the upper righthand corner allows you to keep track of when exactly you began the 90-day goal system. Started on the first day of a 30-day month? Cool, you have an entire month here. You’ll notice that the 30 Day Overview spread does not have any days of the week stipulated–that’s because its primary function is to serve as the first 30 days of your goal-setting/goal-achieving journey! You can use this spread as a large overview of what you’ll do when to achieve your goals. There are also plenty of lines for Notes, although the column on the righthand side is fairly narrow. Each 30 Day Overview also includes a motivational quote to help inspire you!

90x Goal Planner-24

Next, you get a weekly spread. Again, this planner is undated so that you can begin your 90-day journey anytime. So this is simply Week 1. You do get days of the week here–so it is perhaps most efficient to begin this planning system on a Sunday. The weekly spread includes a space to write in the month, vertical lined columns to planning an overview of your week, and plenty of lined notes space for Wins & Lessons Learned and Thoughts for next week.

90x Goal Planner-25

Then you flip to your daily pages! This planner provides a two-page daily spread–that’s a lot of space for each day. Again, your Daily Pages are simply numbered as Day 1, Day 2, etc. This planner focuses on a 90-day increment of your life, not necessarily Jan–Mar & etc. You choose when to begin it.

So, let’s unpack this daily spread! You have a place to write down the date, 5 Actions Toward Your Goals to take that day and a circle to check off once you’ve completed them, and a space to Plan Your Day in the AM and PM. This is a very targeted page because each space has specific directives. You can’t put your goals to the wayside here because the first page of engaging with each daily spread is filling out how you will take five steps towards achieving them. Each day needs to begin with that intention, which keeps you on top of your goals. I like the AM/PM lined columns for writing out your schedule because you can make each “appointment” time as many lines as you need. Have a super long description for that thing you need to do at 2 PM? You have the space to write that in.

The second page of the daily spread includes your FolloDo list, which is for anything you need to do or follow up on. You could treat this as your daily catch-all list. Then you get a nice little quote for inspiration, followed by a lined half-page for Notes. The 90X Goal Planner is asking you to constantly work towards your goals, so it gives you plenty of space for the rest of your daily needs as well.

90x Goal Planner-27

At the end of 7 days worth of pages, you reach the end of your week! Now it’s time to Rewrite Your Goals and Rewrite Your Actions. Rewriting your Top 5 Goals consistently helps them remain int he forefront of your mind. You won’t be forgetting them anytime soon! Rewriting Your Actions could be used to write the actions you still need to complete or the ones that you will be working on for the next week. Either way, repetition is the mother of memory. You won’t forget to focus on the big picture with this weekly activity.

So the set up is this: 30 Day Overview -> Weekly Overview -> Daily Spread x7 -> Rewrite your Goals -> Weekly Overview -> Daily Spread x7, etc.

Occasionally, you will get a two-page spread with one blank page and one textually graphic quote. These are dappled throughout the planner before the Rewrite sections. The blank page is an invitation for you to write in your own quote!

At the very end of the planner, you get a two-page spread congratulating you on making it through 90 days and prompting you to think about what comes next. You’re asked to write out the goals that you’ve achieved and think about how you will reward yourself for each accomplishment. Rewards, by the way, don’t always have to be stuff. Rewards can be taking a long, luxurious bath when normally you wouldn’t give yourself the time. They can be arranging childcare with a partner or babysitter and giving yourself a night off. They can be a new workout outfit, much-needed pedicure, or a week of lattes instead of drip coffee.

The second page of this finale spread asks What is Next for You? What Goals Would You Like to Achieve Next? It gently encourages you not to stop here, but to think about what comes next. You also get a positive message from the 90X Goal Planner team and an invitation to provide feedback. ALoN is always looking to improve this goal setting system.

The last few pages are 20 Notes pages in both lined and blank format.


The 90X Goal Planner contains 300 pages in a perfect binding, which lays flat for easy writability. It is packed with thoughtful, purposeful content in a simple, unisex design.

There are many colorways to choose from for your planner (black, blue, red, pink, gold, etc.), but I picked the metallic silver because you don’t see it around often. The metallic silver Leeam planner option has a pebbly faux-leatherette material for the covers. Corners are rounded so this book won’t stab you accidentally. (It happens!) The front cover has the 90X Goal Planner titular logo centered and embossed.

The back cover is the same silver leatherette material with an embossed rectangular word-cloud of inspirational words and phrases, like “Trust the Process” and “Goals.” The logo is tucked in there as well! The words “Hustle Hard” are embossed in a slab serif font on the spine of the book. There is zero ambiguity about what this planner is designed to help you do.

The book itself is 5.75″ x 8.125” and 0.90″ thick. It’s an easy size for on-the-go planning, makes a great bag/purse/backpack planner, and is nicely kept together with an elastic band.

90x Goal Planner-8

The planner ships very quickly. Mine arrived in perfect condition, no damage whatsoever. You get a thank you flat card and a note with your order, which is a lovely touch.

90x Goal Planner-17

This planner is designed using a series of gray hues. The font is a consistent sans serif in varied weights–headers are often a combination of a thin or light and a bolded text weight. As you can see the 30 Day Overview spread has the number of each day in the upper lefthand corner of each box in the layout, shaded in alternative shades of gray for contrast. I should mention that the next 30 Day Overview doesn’t start at “1” but rather at “31”–this overview is really meant to give you ample overview space for 90 days, 30 at a time. The inspirational quote is highlighted in gray, potentially to contrast the quote with the attributed author. The quotes are the only variance in font choice, appearing in what looks like a slab serif.

The one visual consistency that I would suggest changing is the thick, dark bar along the bottom of each page. Because it’s so much darker than most of the planner’s design features, my eye is instantly drawn to it page after page.

90x Goal Planner-19

I’m not sure that I’d call the 90X Goal Planner’s aesthetic minimalist. It’s kind of like when you look at brutalist architecture and think, “Well, it’s simple but not minimalist. Purposeful but not crisp.” Or I think that sometimes, anyway. The 90X Goal Planner’s aesthetic is bold–this planner is visually indicating that it’s the boss, it knows the steps. In that vein, you can trust it and follow its suggestions. While there is a lot going on visually, its pages don’t feel cluttered. (Side note: so fun for me to see ALoN’s examples because they reference places in San Diego that I know well. :))

90x Goal Planner-32

A couple of additional notes on this planner’s design–There is a thin ribbon to help you mark your place in the planner, and the inside back cover of the planner includes an accordion pocket for keeping track of any loose papers. I love seeing these in planners–it’s not an addition that takes up much space but can be so useful for the user.


Pen test time!

The paper in this planner is super smooth high quality, ink proof paper (Ivory 100gsm). You will see ghosting with this paper, but I experienced no bleed through. I particularly liked how precisely pens and highlighters wrote on this paper–you’ll notice that the highlighters appear (for lack of a better term) contained–the ink isn’t spreading around very much, which I love. Markers (Tombow, Erin Condren) left just as much ghosting as regular pens, so you can really go to town on this paper if you want to decorate and draw all over it. My favorite pens to use on this paper were the Micron series and medium-point (05 or 07) rollerball pens. I would also definitely use my highlighters on this paper.

But is the 90X Goal Planner the right planner for you? Let’s discuss.

90x Goal Planner-7

Something important to remember about this planner is that it is designed as a 90 Day System for you to really hone in on working towards your goals. This system has been successful for ALoN and many other people, and can really help you focus on those often elusive goals. That being said, this is a goal planner, so its primary and unapologetic function is to help you achieve your goals. In order for this system of goal setting/achieving to work for you, you need to commit to using it for the 90 days. This planner is the solution to getting so bogged down in the day-to-day that you let your goals slip by the wayside.

With a goal plan and self-journal and you will build a routine that helps recognize your short-term goals manifest the big dreams. This goal-setting formula is a progression system that ensures you stay on the right track.

This planner would be a great fit for anyone who wants to refocus/refresh their big, scary goals. Personally, I think that this planner would be a good sidekick for a comprehensive weekly or monthly planner. You can use the 90X Goal Planner to really, intricately plan out each day while a weekly/monthly planner keeps you on track for general, big-picture plans.

90x Goal Planner-28

I would recommend this planner to anyone looking for a detailed, structured approach to goal setting. If you feel like you are letting your big goals & dreams pass you by, then this planner can help you effectively realign your focus. I would also recommend this planner to anyone who has an extremely busy day-to-day to keep track of and doesn’t really need a monthly spread.

This planner strikes me as being more effective for professionals than for students, although ALoN did use this system while he was in college. I can see this system working for someone who manages multiple months-long projects. It could be a great catch-all place for tracking deadlines, project goals, check-ins, and more. Realtors with multiple homes on the market, project management professionals with multiple clients or a few large projects, consultants taking a gig for multiple months, etc.

If you want a planner to track your schedule, I would look elsewhere. While this planner could function that way, its primary focus is helping you achieve your goals. If goal setting/getting isn’t a big deal for you right now, then you might find this planner either a little intense or loaded with content you’re not interested in using.


Love just how much content you get with this planner. It’s essentially one quarter of the year, but it encompasses monthly-ish, weekly, and daily spreads in a whopping 300 pages! Y’all know I love a thick planner, and this definitely fits the bill. I also love the lay-flat binding in this bound book.


I like bright white paper myself, so I’m not the biggest fan of the ivory, but it’s not a deal breaker for me either. I’m also not sure if every page of the planner needs the social media/branding bar across the bottom–I think it takes up potentially valuable page space.

There you have it! My review of the 90X Goal Planner, Leeam edition. Do you use this planner? What do you think? Leave me a comment–I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!


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