TF Publishing 2019 Planners & Calendars

Hello planner friends! I’m definitely getting back into the groove of writing weekly planner reviews again. ๐Ÿ™‚ This week I’m going to be reviewing a #plannerhaul rather than providing one of my more traditional planner reviews.

TF Publishing reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their planner products. I, of course, said that I would be delighted to! They sent me a package of planner and calendar goodies to share with you all!

TF Publishing started out of a basement in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1996, so they’ve been around for a while! Currently, they are the exclusive planner and calendar licensee for Hallmark–no small achievement. Their work is a mixture of partnerships with other brands and original creations from their own team. TF Publishing is also an environmentally conscious company and operates out of an eco-friendly facility, “which features a wind turbine and bio-swale full of native plants.” Their 250,000 sq. ft. fulfillment center means that their products ship quickly and expertly. I received my package in the blink of an eye!

We strive to make getting organized fun, inspirational, and something to look forward to, while providing products that appeal to everyone from moms to students and business professionals.ย Our ultimate goal is to create fun, inspiring, useful products โ€“ accessible to everyone.

TF Publishing sent me three planners and three calendars to review for y’all, so buckle up!

TF Publishing

This review is going to be a bit different from my normal structure because I am looking at multiple products. I will talk about the Planners in one section and the Calendars in another, but still include all the details you know & love! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s start.


TF Publishing has a broad collection of planners. They have monthly, weekly, daily, spiral-bound, and TN planners ranging from $5.99 to $16.99.ย (There is also a sale going on right now for 2018-2019 planners!) They let me select which ones I wanted to review, and I chose two that I think are rather unique.

Botanical Planner

The Botanical Planner is a 12-month book with monthly and weekly spreads. It’s sized at 9″ x 11″ and is light enough to easily slip into a backpack without adding too much bulk. It is also coil bound with wire-o. This planner retails forย $16.99, which is nice and affordable. My particular copy of this planner had its bottom righthand corner a little smooshed in the mail, but it is still perfectly functional.

The botanical print is a repeating palm frond in kraft against a black background. I really like that TF Publishing lets the pattern cover most of the book with just “2019” over a red swath in the lower righthand corner of the front cover. You don’t see their logo or brand name all over the planner–just a nice, simple look. (The red bar across the front cover with the planner information is removable.) The paper in this planner is a pale kraft color, which I think adds to the theme of the planner and aesthetically reinforces the company’s dedication to eco-friendly practices.

This is a simple planner but it offers a little more than a basic horizontal weekly spread. When you open the planner you see the year centered on the front with plenty of blank space around it. You could doodle, create an elaborate nameplate, use the inside cover to create a vision board, or just leave it as is. Next is a year-at-a-glance page that includes both 2019 and 2020! Then you get a single lined notes page before diving into the calendar pages.

TF Publishing-17

All the monthly spreads are together at the front of the planner. This format is especially helpful, I think, for students planning over an academic schedule or year. It’s easy to flip through the front of your planner and find all the important dates you’re looking for. The monthly calendar has a Sunday start, which means that weekends are not together. Holidays are noted in small text at the bottom of their day’s square. The name of the month is presented in a brush stroke script at the top of the lefthand page, along with the year. On the righthand page, you get a generously lined column for Notes. There is also a section above the monthly spread for Monthly Goals, which encourages you (in a very loose format) to write down some goals for the month. The blank space means you can include as many or as few as you like!

TF Publishing-18

I think that the weekly spread in this planner is unique compared to what you usually find in the $15-20 range. This layout starts on Mondays and includes the date and day for each day of the week. It’s a horizontal spread with three distinct sections. The first section includes seven lines with checkboxes for a daily To Do list. There is plenty of room here to write out complex tasks–no need to use shorthand to get it all onto one line. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The second section consists of eight water droplets that you can use to track your water intake! Check them off, color them in, or whathaveyou. The third section is simple blank space. You can doodle, write a note, keep a log, write down your schedule, journal, or use it however you wish. Write down homework assignments or set reminders for tests and quizzes. Plan out your busy schedule, or track meals. Whatever you need that space for, it’s there.

Weekends are combined in that they share the space the rest of the weekdays get for one day. Saturday and Sunday both have three To Do lines with checkboxes, but they each still get eight water droplets. Each weekly spread includes an inspirational quote in brush script and two mini monthly calendars in the top righthand corner.

The planner continues in this vein until the end of December. You also get 5 lined notes pages in the back.

I wouldn’t leave you hanging without a pen test! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the paper in the TF Publishing planners. For a company that mass produces paper products, TF Publishing does not skimp on their paper! It might be the kraft color of the paper that takes the ink so well, but there was absolutely no bleeding–not even from the Sharpie Permanent Marker! There was a little ghosting from the Sharpie Permanent, Pilot Varsity, and the Uniball Vision, but these were the heaviest/inkiest pens I used. Everything else wrote smoothly, although this is one of the few planners where I would recommend a 0.5 or 0.7 pen over a finer tip. Loved the Pilot G-2, Papermate Flair, Sharpie Pen, and Uniball Signo on this paper.

Overall, I think this planner is well worth the price. For $16.99 you’re getting a functional, unique planner that won’t break the bank. I would recommend this planner to students especially but also to anyone who wants a simple planner in a larger size and prefers a more open format for planning.

Cherry Blossoms Planner

The Cherry Blossoms Planner is especially delightful to me because I live in the Baltimore/DC area where Cherry Blossom trees flourish in the spring. I requested this planner from TF Publishing because it is a great size and has a colorful but functional interior.ย The Cherry Blossom Planner is sized at 6.5″ x 8″ and retails forย $14.99. The cover is a thick cardstock and the binding is wire-o. This planner is definitely slim and portable enough to take on the go, whether in your purse or backpack.

The Cherry Blossom Planner has a slightly textured cover. The front and back covers are white with a painted cherry blossom print. “2019” is printed on the upper righthand corner of the front corner, which means that most of the planner cover features the lovely print.

When you open the planner, you reach a simple title page that broadcasts the date range of the planner. This is a 12-month planner that also includes one-page monthly spreads of September 2018–December 2018, just in case you want to start monthly planning in it immediately. The second page is a year-at-a-glance for both 2019 and 2020. It’s quite small but useful for quick referencing. Adjacent to that is a single lined notes page.

Like the Botanical Planner, the Cherry Blossom Planner has all the monthly pages at the front. September 2018-December 2018 are a month per page, with narrow columns and colorful delineations. Once you hit 2019, however, each monthly layout gets a two-page spread. The monthly spread begins on a Sunday and includes a lined Notes column on the righthand side. Each month is a different color–this entire planner is organized by color. This is likely something you will adore or something that is just not for you. It makes a pretty planner and makes flipping through a tab-less planner a little easier. But if you’re the type of person who likes to control your weekly theme and color scheme, then you might want to look elsewhere. If you’re the type of planner who likes to use a black pen and maybe some stickers, this planner will likely work for you.

The horizontal weekly spreads begin on Mondays and have equal space for each day of the week and weekend, along with a horizontal section for Notes. This format is very clean and open and includes nothing but blank space for each weekday. This would make a great gratitude journal, a planner for logging anything from meals to overall wellness, or quick purse planner. The blank space opens up this planner for whatever you need it to be–schedule on one side, tasks on the other? Writing out your homework assignments and due dates? Grocery list for store days? Breaking it into three columns for meal tracking/planning? The options are limitless!

TF Publishing-24

Now to move into the Daily Planner!

Gold Dots Daily Planner

This Gold Dots Daily Planner is a unique little book! I’m charmed by it. It measuresย 4″ x 8.5″ and contains 130 lined pages. This particular planner is horizontally situated, but there are options in the same size with a vertical layout. This undated daily planner costsย $12.99. It has wire-o binding and comes with an elastic band to keep it together.

This delightful little planner is undated and starts immediately. The covers are thick but floppy cardstock and this particular design is of gold brushstrokes. “Daily Agenda” is written unobtrusively on the front.

Each day is compiled of three columns: AM, PM, and ETC. Along the top of each page is a bar that includes a place for you to write in the date (“Today”). You also have the days of the week laid out as “MTWTFSS” with space for you to circle or highlight the correct one. The three sections are composed of horizontal lines, which leaves the structure of daily planning fairly open. You can create a To Do list, write down your schedule, or use it however you wish to. The format is open so your schedule could be arranged by time or written out in long form. The ETC column functions like a notes space. You can include a task list, reminders, notes, details, etc.

This little planner would make a great sidekick for your weekly planner! Do you sometimes have a day that overflows in your weekly planner? This undated daily could be used as-needed to tackle busy days. It would be easy enough to take with you but could also be used as a desk planner above your mousepad every day, or at work. Personally, I would use it as a purse planner for busy days when my weekly planner isn’t enough and my daily is too bulky to carry around. This would also make a fantastic vacation planner–plan out the important stuff and just bring this little dude along to manage your 3-14 days of fun (or however long!).


TF Publishing also sent me three calendars, two desk/wall and one standard wall. I was impressed with their selection of desk/wall calendars and definitely think they’re worth a look! They are reasonably priced, especially some of the larger ones.

Rainbow Calendar

This Rainbow Calendar is a great inbetween size that can fit on your desk, function as a large mousepad, or hang on the wall in a rather small space. It measures 12″ x 9″ and includes a drill hole for hanging, should you choose to go that route. This planner retails forย $12.99 and runs for 12 months from January 2019–December 2019. I personally plan to use it as a wall calendar over my little desk. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Rainbow Calendar is colorful, functional, and includes a little something extra. The righthand column is broken into three sections–To Do, Goals, and Notes. The To Do section includes eight lines with checkboxes for a monthly task list. The Goals section is formatted the same way, but is ostensibly for goals to work on or accomplish that month. The Notes section is blank.

The calendar has a Sunday start and a different color header for each day of the week. The layout is otherwise in black and white for easy visibility with a pop of fun. Along the bottom of each page is a line of mini monthly calendars with the current one shaded. This allows you to plan ahead with flipping pages all over the place. The pages are tear-off as well, so you can toss them once you’re done with the month without damaging the structure of your calendar.

Script Calendar

Sadly, my Script Calendar got a little wrinkled in the mail. Nothing that a little flattening out with heavy books won’t fix, I hope! This calendar is huge and wonderful. Sized at 22″ x 17″, this planner demands attention! It could work as a large deskpad calendar but has two drill holes for wall hanging as well. This 12-month calendar costsย $16.99, which I think is super reasonable for a calendar of its size and structure!

I wish my photos were better of this calendar, but it truly is beautiful. Really, go look at the photos on the TF Publishing website. Each day of the month is in large script. The entire calendar is in black and white. The dates are all double-digits for aesthetic consistency and stand out in a bold font. Instead of blank boxes, this calendar makes use of formatted lines to delineate from day to day. This makes it easy to write precisely and evenly, which I love! This calendar layout has a Sunday start, like all the other TF Publishing planners and calendars. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think this planner would look amazing against a colorful wall. I plan to use it as the main calendar for my husband and I and will probably hang it against the maroon wall in our kitchen. After I flatten it out a bit, of course.

Girl Boss Wall Calendar

The last calendar TF Publishing sent me was their Girl Boss Standard Wall Calendar. This calendar retails forย $14.99 and runs from January 2019–December 2019 but includes 4 bonus months (January 2020–April 2020)! It is a standard wall calendar–sized 12″ x 12″ with premium paper.

The Girl Boss Calendar, in particular, is compiled in shades of pink, black, and gold. The monthly layout includes an artistic text-based graphic designed to be cute and inspiring. The monthly layouts start on Sundays and include plenty of room to write in your plans. I love the way that the image seeps into the monthly layout. You get a pop of color outlining your monthly boxes. ๐Ÿ™‚

There you have it! A review of my #plannerhaul from TF Publishing! If you order anything from TF Publishing’s website, orders over $20 ship free (no code needed). I appreciate their commitment to eco-friendly practices and accessibility for their customers. I try to include a diverse mix of planners on my blog because I know that some people have a $15 budget and others have a $100 budget. Planners can be such a valuable tool, and I strongly believe in using them to plan out your days with intent and guidance. Companies like TF Publishing offer products that are functional and stylized at an affordable price point, which I think is fantastic. Let’s get everyone planning!

Any questions? Did I gloss over something that you want more details about? Leave a comment! As always, I’d love to hear from you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time!



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