2019 Amelia Lane Life Designer Planners

I am so excited to be back this year with a review of the Amelia Lane Paper 2019 Planner Lineup! Last year, I reviewed Amelia Lane Paper’s 2018 lineup–it is one of my most popular blog posts! I reached out to the lovely Chanel White (founder and CEO of Amelia Lane Paper) to see if she would be interested in collaborating again. She said yes–so I am delighted to bring you a thorough review of the 2019 planner lineup!

Amelia Lane 2019

As a refresher, Amelia Lane Paper is a paper goods design studio based in Sydney, Australia. Its founder, Chanel, is a world-traveler who has lived in London, Paris, Seoul, and the list goes on! She has a cosmopolitan understanding of functional planning for everyone from the busy new mom (congratulations, Chanel!) settling into a new chapter of life to the on-the-go businesswoman jet-setting across Europe and/or the USA.

At the heart of Amelia Lane Paper is the desire to live the life you want. To not be dictated to by our schedules but to craft them so that there’s space to go after those life goals, whether that be making time for a family lunch every weekend or building an empire. And perhaps most importantly, space to enjoy the simple pleasures of every day!

Chanel launched Amelia Lane Paper in 2014 and started designing and producing the Amelia Lane Life Designer planners in 2015. They flew off the shelves! The planners have only grown in popularity and accessibility. Although Chanel is based in Australia, she also has a USA distribution center so that we USA-based planner babes can easily order her planners without spending $30 on shipping. ❤

This review is going to be structured a little differently than my usual ones. I will begin by providing an overview of what you will find in all the planners, ending with a pen test. Then, I will go into each one to discuss what makes it unique and make my Fit recommendations in those sections. Sound good? Let’s dig in!


Amelia Lane Life Designers come in two formats–Daily & Weekly. Daily planners include full-page layouts for Saturday and Sunday, and Weekly planners have one week spread over two pages. All the planners run for twelve months on the calendar year, so a 2019 planner will get you January 2019-December 2019.

All the planners open to a title/nameplate page. You see the year that the planner encompasses, the title of the planner, and a couple of lines for you to write down your own information. This is followed by two year-at-a-glance pages, one for 2019 and one for 2020. These are designed so that each day gets a “cell,” which you can write something brief in. This feature is wonderful for planning ahead and seeing big, important dates or deadlines at a glance.

Each planner also comes with a list of Special Dates for 2019 on a two-page spread. There are holidays for Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada, and the UK.  This speaks to Amelia Lane Paper’s breadth–you can get these planners in multiple English-speaking countries.

All the planners also include a 2019 Vision Board. They are spread over two pages and separated into four categories: Family/Relationships, Personal/Spiritual, Career/Finances, & Health/Fitness. You can use this space to write/draw/list/journal/map out your vision for 2019.

All the planners except for the Signature Weekly have a two-page spread for your Monthly Overview. Each month, from January to December, gets an empty box that you can fill with whatever you need. Important dates, seasonal produce, vacation plans, graduate school due dates, etc. Whatever you need to track in 2019, or just whatever makes you happy to put there. It could be a challenge, like drawing something that brings you joy each month, or writing that month’s wins as you move through the year. The possibilities are limitless.

Amelia Lane 2019-12

The Desktop Daily and Signature Weekly planners both include Goal pages/sections. You get twelve pages (one for each month if you want to divide it that way). Your Goal Action Plan is one page that’s structured to help you take a goal and break it into actionable steps. You have a blank space to write/draw out your goal. Then you have a generous twenty lines with check-circles where you can write out the steps to achieving your goals. You also have a designated space to include a due date for that action item! At the bottom of the page, you have a circle to check when you are Done!

The Desktop Daily, Compact Daily, and Compact Weekly planners all have progressive notched tabs that are cut into the pages. The Signature Weekly planner has regular mylar-coated tabs. Each month begins with an inspirational message on one page and the name of the month in all caps on the other. This provides a clean, spacious layout that also serves as a visual indicator of moving from one month to the next.

The monthly layout is the same in every planner. The daily boxes are defined with bold lines and are long enough to be spacious. As holidays are listed at the beginning of each planner, they are not dispersed throughout the monthly spreads. This is likely because the Amelia Lane planners are designed to be used in the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Australia, so holidays will differ depending on the planner babe. Amelia Lane Life Designers also don’t individually box in days that aren’t included in that particular month. So each monthly spread will look a little different, but you get plenty of space for writing in quotes, monthly goals, habits, etc. 😉 Alongside the monthly spread, you get a narrow lined column for notes or lists.

Both daily planners include the same day-per-page layout. Weekends also get full planning pages, so Saturday and Sunday each have their very own page! The daily spread is separated into four distinct sections. You have your Schedule, To Do List, Health Tracker, and Notes section. The top of each page includes the day and date, as well as some room for you to include a sticker, write in a quote, mark something important, etc.

The schedule begins with three starred lines–these could be used for priorities, or for important schedule items. Then you have a line break and an hourly appointment schedule from 6am to 10pm. The next column is a long To Do List with checkboxes. Then you get a column for tracking your health, which includes boxes for writing in Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Exercise. There is ample blank space at the bottom of the spread for Notes.

Both weekly planners have the same weekly layout, though they differ in extra pages. The top of the spread has a box outlined in dotted edges where you can write your Weekly Goal, along with a small checkbox in the bottom righthand corner of the box that you can check once you’ve completed it. Next to this box are seven lines with checkboxes for a weekly To Do list. I love this feature because it allows you to plan tasks on both a weekly and daily timeframe.

The weekly spread is laid out over two pages, and each day of the week gets equal space. This is a horizontal spread, but it’s divided into two distinct columns. The first column has four dotted lines, three with an asterisk at the front. This is a good place to make a note of important appointment that day or priorities. Then there is a dotted box that can be used any way you like. Tracking health, fitness, meal planning, managing work hours, etc. The second column is seven lines with checkboxes for your To Do list. The week begins on Monday and goes through Sunday.

One of my favorite new additions to this year’s Amelia Lane Life Designers is the “bucket list” pages in the back! While you still get plenty of lined pages for Notes and blank pages for Ideas, these pages help you track and record things that don’t always have an immediately apparent place. It starts with your 2019 Bucket List, an entire page of dotted lines with checkboxes. The format is open an easy! Next you have your Accounts, Passwords and Logins page with two dotted lined columns. This is a great place for keeping track of pesky passwords that you can’t always remember. (It’s generally a bad idea to write down any passwords that deal with financial accounts, but if you keep forgetting your Modcloth password this feels like a safe enough place to store it. ;))

The third page is a Gift-Buying List. You have four columns for Recipient, Gift Ideas, Budget, and Due. Each line has a checkbox so you can mark it as done once you actually purchase the gift! Giving gifts is one of my love languages so I love having handy trackers like this! The last “bucket list” page is for Books to Read/Movies to Watch. There are two lined columns where you can keep track of your reading list/movie roster. I like that it’s open–I will probably use it just for books.

Amelia Lane 2019-39

Also new this year are sticker sheets! Each Amelia Lane Life Designer comes with two sheets of stickers, the same size no matter which planner you procure. These stickers are functional and a mixture of icons and rectangular “flags” that help you remember meetings & due dates. These stickers are super cute and come in a delightful, bright color palette that is reminiscent of Amelia Lane Paper’s branding.

It is now time for the pen test!! I’ve added a couple new pens to my testing lineup so there should be something for everyone here! Darn straight. As always, if you use a pen a lot and don’t see it represented here, leave me a comment or DM me on Instagram. I will literally never turn down the opportunity to buy a new pen.

Amelia Lane Paper uses bright white 100gsm paper. Your inkier pens are going to ghost, and may even bleed through a little bit. I recommend felt tip pens that aren’t uber thick, like the Sharpie Pen and Le Pen. They will ghost the least on this paper. You could also happily use 0.5 or finer point rollerball pens with little to no ghosting.

That about covers it for the general overview and pen test–now let’s get to the fun part! In the following section, I will lay out each planner in more detail (price, exact dimensions, unique features, etc.) and then discuss fit.

The Planners

Amelia Lane Paper offers four Life Designer planners: Compact Weekly ($42), Compact Daily ($46), Signature Weekly ($55), and Desktop Daily ($65). Each planner comes in all four cover designs; I received a random assortment.

All the planners are designed to be functional and help address all components of your life. There is always some aspect of meal/health planning in an Amelia Lane Life Designer, though formatting changes depending on the planner you pick. The inside pages are simple and clean, and without a lot of embellishment. Never fear–this can either feed your minimalist heart or give you a fresh canvas to decorate.

Compact Weekly

This is definitely the smallest and most portable of Amelia Lane Paper’s planners.

My Compact Weekly Life Designer has the Rain Splash cover, which is a soft gray with white splashes/dashes. It’s a calm, neutral, and gorgeous design with a spark of personality. Perfect for those of you who prefer a neutral color palette but still want something more than just a black cover! The year is written out on the cover in gold foiling and “Amelia Lane Life Designer” titles the book at the bottom of the cover. The company logo (as opposed to the product name) is featured on the bottom back cover.

This planner is 5.51″ x 7.4″ and 0.78″ thick, making it an incredibly portable option. It weighs 1.31lb. All of Amelia Lane’s planners have gold protective corners, whether casebound or coil-bound.

Amelia Lane 2019-61

The monthly spread is followed by four planning pages. The first is for monthly Goals, and includes three blank horizontal spaces to write out your goals for the month. Each of these rectangles includes a Done checkbox in the bottom righthand corner. Below that is a Habit Tracker for the month–something I’m especially excited about! You have space tow rite in five habits to track, and a narrow box to fill in or check off each day of the month that you stick to that habit. I could really see a gorgeous colorful design taking shape here–an opportunity to add some colorful notes to this otherwise unadorned planner page design.

The second page outlines a Budget for the month. This budget layout doesn’t make many assumptions about what you want to track, which is nice. You have a generous unnamed column to write down bills/expenses/categories. The next two columns are for Budget and Actual–how much have you budgeted for this expense and how much did you actually pay? Then you have a +/- column–what’s the difference? Did you budget $40 for gas but spend $44? The difference would be -$4. The last column is simple “Due”–is this a bill and if so when is it due? A grayscale line at the bottom of the budget layout has cells for totaling up your columns.

Amelia Lane 2019-62

Every month you get a Meal + Exercise Planner spread over two pages. Chanel has given you five weeks of planning, because not every month starts on a Monday. 😉 Good looking ahead Chanel! This chart has a Monday start and goes down through Sunday. The x-axis of the chart has Week 1 through Week 5. You can use these boxes to map out meals, exercise, calories–whatever else you like. The beauty of this design is that you can use the boxes for however you best track your health.

Amelia Lane 2019-63

This planner, of course, has the weekly spread and includes two smooth ribbons to mark your place.

But is this the right planner for you? Let’s discuss.

This planner is the perfect purse planner. It’s small, lightweight, and encompasses a lot of content for how small it is. You can take this planner on the go for meal planning, important dates/appointments, a place to quickly jot down notes, and a running task list that you don’t want to lose track of.

I actually think that this planner would be perfectly paired with digital planning. Keep track of your appointments/schedule on Google Cal/iCal/MS Outlook/whatever, and use the Compact Weekly to keep all the other details of your life in order.

Looking back at the 2018 Compact Weekly review I did, this still stands out: “I would recommend this planner for students because it’s light and easy to throw into your bag. The blank box you get for each day of the week could be used as a place to write in due dates for papers or assignments, and the three starred sections could serve as places to write reminders for quizzes, tests, etc.”

If you have huge handwriting, then this planner may have lines that are a little tight for your liking. This also wouldn’t be the optimal planner for keeping track of a busy schedule.

Compact Daily

The Compact Daily Planner is a purse-friendly book that feels wonderfully hefty and can handle a day at a time, even when you’re on the go.

My Compact Daily planner is in the Ocean Leaves cover design, which is simply gorgeous. It is both elegant and fun, which can be a difficult balance to strike! Like all the Life Designers, the year is spelled out and centered on the cover using gold foiling. Below the year you’ll find the name of the planner: Amelia Lane Life Designer. The Amelia Lane textual logo is centered on the bottom of the back cover, also in gold foiling. Along the spine of the planner, you’ll find the year 2019 in gold foiling, so it’s easy to find your book. This planner comes with protective metal corners in gold, and two page marker ribbons that fit the cover design color scheme. This attention to detail is just one of the reasons I’m always so impressed with the Amelia Lane Life Designers!

This casebound planner is compact but you still get a thick book at 400 pages of daily planning. It is sized at 5″ x 7″ (a little bit bigger than a mass paperback book) and is about 1.25″ thick. Still, this compact daily fits easily inside most bags and offers a unique combination of content-rich and portability.

Amelia Lane 2019-52

The Compact Daily Planner includes the beginning year-at-a-glance pages for 2019 and 2020, the Vision Board pages, and your Monthly Overview. Because this planner is already so thick, there aren’t goal pages, but you still get a couple helpful spreads for each month. Just like the Compact Weekly planner, you get one page every month for Goals and Habits, and another page for your monthly Budget. (See my overview in the Compact Weekly section about for a more thorough look at these pages.)

Amelia Lane 2019-55

The Compact Daily comes with a day-per-page, including weekends. You have a schedule in the lefthand column that runs from 6am to 10pm in hourly increments. In the righthand column, you have a long To Do list with checkboxes. The pages in this planner as the same layout as the larger Desktop Daily planner, but you have less room for everything. The lines are a little smaller and shorter, the boxes for tracking your Health (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Exercise) are smaller. The Notes space isn’t quite as generous. But these are all things that you are sacrificing for portability. If it’s more important to you to have a daily planner that you can easily carry everywhere, then the Compact Daily is the way to go. You won’t find another planner on the market that packs so much planning content into such a compact book.

The Compact Daily is a casebound planner with progressive notched tabs (my husband calls these “Staircase Tabs”). Personally, I think it would be worth it to just not have tabs for this planner so that you get the extra page space, especially since you have the two page ribbons to mark where you are in the planner.

Amelia Lane 2019-54

Is this the planner for you? Let’s discuss!

This planner is obviously for those of you who prefer daily planning. The Compact Daily really shines by offering you the space to keep a long To Do list for each day, including weekends. If you like to keep things analog but don’t want to feel like a walking stationery store, then this would be an excellent planner for you. You get the space for detailed To Do lists and writing out your schedule, but still have a planner that can fit in a modestly sized bag.

I found that my words from my review of the 2018 Compact Daily still apply: “I would recommend this planner to anyone who runs around a lot for work but wants to have a planner with them to help track their day. If you are a consultant, constantly travel, or find yourself moving from location to location throughout your work day, then this planner is an excellent sidekick for you.” I think this planner would be a great choice for the busy real estate agent, a student whose days are tightly scheduled, or anyone who needs a long To Do list for each day.

Signature Weekly

The Signature Weekly Planner is the OG of Amelia Lane Paper. This is the planner with the most extra content, including a four-page weekly spread to really capture all the things you need to plan out each week.

This is the first time that the Signature Weekly has been printed in an open-coil format. In the past, this book has included a hidden coil binding. I really like the change because you can fold the planner to show one page at a time if you like, and that makes it a little easier to write everything out on the pages. My Signature Weekly is in the Aqua Palms cover design, which is a little fun and a beachy without being over the top. It’s a bright planner that you definitely won’t overlook. I personally love the palm trees, probably because I’m a California girl at heart (from San Diego, CA) and miss seeing palms everywhere. The combination of loosely sketched white palm trees and the three gathered palms in gold foil make this a charming cover design. Chanel continues to hit it out of the park with her goal of Australian-based designs that aren’t touristy or kitschy!

This planner measures 7″ x 8″ and is about 1 1/8″ thick. While not nearly as slim as the Compact Weekly, this planner is nevertheless a portable option that can easily carry your life inside its pages. The same text of “twenty nineteen” is printed on the front cover in gold foil, while the “Amelia Lane Life Designer” copy is centered at the bottom. The Amelia Lane Paper textual logo is centered on the bottom of the back cover, also in gold foil. The gold coil is 1 3/8″ in diameter, which isn’t too big or too small. It’s a veritable Goldilocks coil. It comfortably fits all the pages of the planner without being too tight or too loose. The angled edges of the planner are sheathed in protective metal corners, and this planner is the only Amelia Lane Life Designer with an elastic closure band. Personally, I feel like the gold elastic closure band could be a little bit high quality, but it certainly hasn’t snapped or anything. This is the only planner with “regular” mylar-coated tabs instead of the staircase tabs in the casebound books.

With over 300 pages of planning content, there is a lot to jump into! The Signature Weekly has the most “extras.” 😉

Amelia Lane 2019-33

As mentioned in my initial overview of the planners, the Signature Weekly planner has a Goals tab with space for your 2019 Vision Board and twelve pages of Goal Action Planning. These are designed to give you one page per month for goal planning, or you can use these pages to turn big, scary goals into smaller actionable steps.

Amelia Lane 2019-36

Each month, after the monthly spread, you get a page for Monthly Expenses and a page for your Monthly Budget. The Budget page resembles the other monthly budget spreads in the Amelia Lane Life Designer, but the Expenses page is an added way to track your finances. This will help you see where your money goes each month.

Amelia Lane 2019-38

The biggest difference between the Signature Weekly and the other Life Designers is the focus on overall health and wellness. Each week you get a two-page spread for Weekly Meal + Exercise Planning. This has a Monday start and includes equally-sized boxes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Exercise. You also get a Water tracker with eight bubbles to check off or color in each day. On the righthand side of the layout, you get a narrow column for your shopping list with check-circles. Again, this is included at the beginning of each weekly spread, meaning that you essentially have a four-page weekly layout.

Amelia Lane 2019-37

The Signature Weekly planner has the same weekly dated spread as the Compact Weekly Life Designer. The pages are bigger, so you get a little more space on each line to write everything out.

Is the Signature Weekly Life Designer right for you? Let’s discuss!

This is a fantastic planner for those of you who want to keep meticulous track of your meals & exercise, or who want to want to do that. It really provides a nice snapshot of your week with space to map out reminders/important appointments and tasks, while still including enough content to run your life with. If you want a meal planner but don’t want a separate planner, look no further. You get both with the Signature Weekly planner. If you want one place to put everything–your goals, tasks, finances, notes, etc.–then this is a great option for you.

While not as slim as the Compact Weekly, the Signature Weekly is a portable planning option that won’t weigh your bag down too much. It would be a fabulous planner for athletes who need to track their progress/health/meals/water intake. It would also make an excellent planner for anything who wants to focus more on their health, whether you are a marathon runner or just starting Couch to 5K.

Desktop Daily

The Desktop Daily planner is a big, heavy book that should probably live in one or two locations at home or in the office. It’s beautiful, but big.

My Desktop Daily planner has the Mulberry Botanical cover, which is my favorite of the four. Photos do not do this cover design justice. It is a deep berry color with mildly abstract flowers, berries, and leaves patterned onto the solid matte base. It is a gorgeous design that pops on your desk, in your bookshelf, or in your purse. Love love love.

Like all Amelia Lane Life Designers, this planner has protective gold corners to protect your covers. The front cover has “twenty nineteen” written out in gold foiling, and “Amelia Lane Life Designer” printed in smaller gold foil near the bottom of the cover. On the back cover, as with the rest of the planner lineup, you will find the Amelia Lane Paper textual logo in gold foiling. This is a casebound planner, and on the spine “2019” stands out in a bold brushstroke text.

This planner measures ~7.5″ x ~9.5″ and is an impressive 1.5″ thick. It weighs about 3.7 lbs. and is quite a hefty book! Personally, I love the heft of it, but probably wouldn’t take it around on the go. It’s a bit of a brick in your bag. But it would be perfectly at home and glorious at work or home, or wherever you like to set up Camp Planning. 😉 You also get two ribbon page markers for easy wayfinding.

Amelia Lane 2019-16

This planner is set up with two financial planning pages per month, just like the Signature Weekly Life Designer. You get one page for monthly Expenses, where you can write the expense description and dollar amount in three distinct columns. You then have a space to total it up at the end of the month. This helps you track spending as you go. Next, you have a page for the monthly Budget. These pages are both quite open in format–you aren’t given assumptive categories to work with, but rather provided a clear area of input.

Amelia Lane 2019-18

The Desktop Daily is, of course, a daily planner. It has one day per page, including full planning pages for Saturday and Sunday. (See my description and analysis of the daily pages above for a more in-depth look at this layout.) The Desktop Daily is a big planner, so you get more room to write on each line. The Notes space is also noticeably bigger. If the last day of the month lands on a lefthand page, the righthand page will be a lined Notes page to keep the monthly start pages consistent.

Amelia Lane 2019-15

So is the Desktop Daily the right planner for you? Let’s dig in!

This is a great planner to leave at home or at the office. It’s heavy, kind of like a textbook, and probably wouldn’t be doing your back any favors if you carted it around everywhere. The space it provides on the monthly and daily spreads is wonderful and really opens up the potential for detailed To Do lists, schedule management, and all the other details of life.

I would recommend this planner as a work planner. It would look amazing on your desk. It would say “I am effing serious about organization” to all curious passersby. The Goal Action planning pages in the front of the planner are great for taking big personal or professional goals and breaking them down into more actionable steps. This would also be a great Master Planner for running your household & family. There is space to keep track of multiple people’s schedules/needs and overall I think this planner would serve as a fantastic tool for household management.

If you still can’t quite decide on which planner might work best for you, check out this handy chart provided by Amelia Lane Paper!



Overall, I love the comprehensiveness and functionality of the Amelia Lane Life Designers. These are high-quality, thoughtfully designer planners that are meant to help you organize for success. I love this year’s cover designs–simply drool-worthy, Chanel! Gorgeous color palette. I also love how these planners feel like solid, hefty books. I love that there are four options to choose from so that you can truly optimize for your specific planning needs. And more habit trackers! Loved seeing those in the Compact planners. I also love the new pages at the end of the planner focused on 2019 Bucket Lists/Gifts/Books to Read/etc. It’s great to have a place to make a note of those things. The quality of the pocket folder in the casebound planners is excellent. Lovely addition with the sticker sheets this year!


I wish the lay-flat binding worked a little better for the daily planners! I felt like I couldn’t really access the entire page of the Compact Daily planner as the year wore on, but perhaps the binding relaxes enough with consistent use so that it’s not a problem. I’m personally not a huge fan of the “staircase tabs”–I would love to see these planners sans the tabs. With the page markers, I think the tabs aren’t as necessary, especially for the Compact planners.

And there you have it! Almost 5,000 words of planner-talk. 😉 I hope you enjoyed my review of the 2019 Amelia Lane Life Designer Planner Lineup! This blog post was a new format, so let me know how you liked it by leaving a comment! I’m always delighted to read your comments. 🙂

Amelia Lane Life Designers are ready to ship now and can be purchased via USA distribution centers here, or Australian ones here.

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “2019 Amelia Lane Life Designer Planners

  1. This was an excellent post! I bought my first Amelia Lane Paper (the Signature Weekly version) planner for 2018. It was by far the most beautiful functional planner I’ve ever used and as a self-professed planner junkie, that’s saying a lot!

    I found your blog post for the 2018 ALP planners AFTER making my purchase. This was unfortunate because your wonderfully written review and beautiful pictures of the planners would have been extremely useful in helping me decide which planner to choose.

    While I had no doubt that I would again purchase an ALP planner for 2019, I waited to see if you’d review the 2019 planners. To my excitement you did and I must say, this post is even better than the last. I used your guidance to choose two ALP planners: the Desktop Daily in Mulberry Botanical for work and the Compact Daily in Ocean Leaves for my personal on-the-go planner.

    Thank you for taking the time to created such an interesting, detailed review of my favorite planners. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m thrilled that my review was able to help you pick the planners that will work best for you in 2019! 🙂 I also love the ALP planners–my husband and I are using the 2019 Signature Weekly planner as a “home base” planner to help us meal plan and manage our home together. I hope that the daily ALP planners work beautifully for you! ❤


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