2019 Refresh Weekly Planner from Workspacery

I’m so excited to bring you a review of the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner from Workspacery (formerly J. Lynn Designery)! Jenna was one of Plannerisma’s first collaborators, and I’m so delighted to be working with her again this year! 😀

Workspacery provides ready-made products (like this planner), custom products, and digital planning tools. Jenna, the CEO and one-woman-wonder behind Workspacery, works out of a home studio in Indiana and has a keen eye for clean, minimal, & functional work spaces and tools. She is a designer, photographer, and creative force. ❤

Whether it’s through our stunning line of planning tools, customized orders, or working one-on-one with Jenna, Workspacery is here to ensure a happier, more productive workday for you. We have a range of tools to help you overcome daily chaos and overwhelm to finally start making progress where it matters.
(And make time for the people and things you LOVE!)

Workspacery began as J. Lynn Designery, where the Refresh Weekly Planner first launched out of Jenna’s apartment in Kansas City in 2015. Since then, Jenna has fine-tuned her design, striving to bring you the best in planning and organization.

There have been some upgrades to this year’s Refresh Weekly Planner!

This year’s edition of the Refresh Planner gives you the space to plan your month and week, map out a strategic plan for any big goals on your horizon, make all the lists with the built-in notebook, and more.

The Refresh Weekly Planner retails for $39.95–a bargain for everything that you get.


This planner is built for portability, productivity, and planning!

You begin with a pocket folder on the inside front cover. You first get a title page with the name of the planner, the year it runs for, and a place to write in your name. When you flip the page, you see a blank grid except for the Workspacery logo and copyright information centered at the bottom of the page. Next, you have a page with the 2019 Holidays. You get US, UK, and Australian holidays presented as an at-a-glance list, by month.

Then you have your 2019 At a Glance over a two-page spread. I love the clean design of this layout–you can easily fit the Krissy Anne Designs or Erin Condren transparent dots on this spread to track your life in the big picture!

Jenna has redesigned the Goal Planning section of the Refresh Weekly Planner! I don’t want to give away too much about the experience but will provide a general overview. First, you get an inspirational message from Jenna, then you dive in! You get nine categories to check in with yourself about: career, spiritual, financial, family, relationships, physical health, mental health, passion projects, education. These categories become your “guide for creating goals that are relevant to your current and desired lifestyle.”

Jenna asks you to think about One Year from Now–what does your ideal like look like then? What would you like it to look like? Next, you refine that vision. Jenna has taken the MAR from the popular SMART Goals acronym and amended it a little–Measurable, Aspirational yet Attainable, and Relevant. You work through molding your goal/focus through these lenses, and then you rewrite your goal statement. Next, you see a Month-by-Month Breakdown where you can map out how you’re doing to tackle your goal. Adjacent to this page is one for Brainstorming Detailed Steps. You get a blank page (front and back) for working through your goal and necessary steps.

The last section of your 2019 Goal Planning includes a page with Tips for Year-Long Success because “Execution is the hardest part of seeing goals through.” Jenna holds your hand throughout the goal-setting process. She never leaves you with unexplained sections and provides a lot of excellent advice throughout.

Refresh Weekly-13

A fun new feature in the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner is a DIY Planner Bookmark. While I wish this was perforated because I don’t trust my own precision with scissors, I love this little easter egg. 😉 You could use this bookmark for a book or for your planner!

Refresh Weekly-15

There is one mistake in the planner, and it’s already been corrected. In December 2018, the tiny month-at-a-glance calendar for January 2019 was misprinted. Workspacery fixed it with a sticker and included a free set of stickers and a card explaining the mishap. I am personally not bothered at all by the hiccup and love having new stickers! 😉

Yes, you read right. December 2018. The 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner is a 13-month planner. You get all of December 2018 before the tabbed monthly pages start so you can immediately dig into your new planner. It is super helpful as a transitional month that gives you plenty of space & time to move into your new planner!

Refresh Weekly-25

This planner’s monthly spread is clean and crisp with delightful design elements. You get the information for the month and year in the upper lefthand header of the two-page monthly spread. On the right page, the header area includes a prompt for “Goals This Month.” This is a blank, open space. You can write in whatever you want, however you like. The righthand side of the layout includes a narrow, lined Notes column. Beneath this, you’ll find two tiny month-at-a-glance calendars for the month preceding and the one following the current spread.

The monthly spread is a Sunday start, which means weekends aren’t paired together. The date is included in the upper lefthand corner of each daily box. If the date belongs to the previous or next month, it’s printed in grayscale. The Refresh Weekly Planner has USA, Canadian, UK, and Australian holidays included throughout the monthly spreads. I like highlighting the ones that I celebrate! Overall, you get a fairly roomy monthly spread with lots of unique touches.

Refresh Weekly-16

Now to the weekly spread! The weekly layout is spread over two pages and has a Monday start. Each day has equal planning space–this means that your weekends have just as much planning room as your weekdays! This planner uses a horizontal format and separates each day into two categories–schedule (AM & PM) and tasks. The schedule side includes three lines for AM and three lines for PM. You can write out appointments, things to focus on, what to expect that day, etc. You don’t have to stick to an appointment format, which is great for more fluid days! The task side includes seven lined spaces with diamond-shaped tick boxes. I find these to be roomy enough to write out a task without having to abbreviate beyond recognition. 🙂

Each weekly spread includes the dates in the upper lefthand corner, followed by a “What I’m taking action on this week” prompt. There is a generous amount of blank space following this prompt, where you can write, draw, create a list, or simply not make use of this space. It could also serve as a great place for reminders, or for those pesky tasks that aren’t tied to a specific day but need to be accomplished sometime that week. The weekly spread also includes a prompt for “I’m grateful for” on the top righthand page. This can be filled out at any time during the week and is a nice, simple way to log gratitude.

Refresh Weekly-21

One of my favorite features of the Refresh Weekly Planner is the plethora of notes pages in the back! You get 50 lined notes pages–it’s like carrying a little notebook with your planer! No matter what happens, you’ll always have room to write it down. 😉


This year’s edition of the Refresh Weekly Planner is lighter and more portable than ever, with the same streamlined design and extra features you know and love!

Refresh Weekly-7

As mentioned above, there was a slight design error in the December 2018 monthly spread. Jenna fixed it with a tasteful sticker and included two sheets of limited edition Workspacery Stickers with your planner, free of charge! These stickers feel like vinyl and are easy to write on with a Sharpie Permanent Marker. They come matching the colors of each quarter in your planner and include flags, banners, script stickers, and header stickers. Each order comes in a beautiful white box with gorgeous black polka-dot tissue paper wrapping and a black satin ribbon. Jenna does an amazing job with her packaging–every planner from Workspacery arrives feeling like a special gift, whether it’s for you or on its way to someone else.

There are three cover designs to choose from this year! I went with Stripe, which comes in this gorgeous blush pink and white design. This planner comes in hardcover with gold, wire-o binding for lay-flat design. The wire-o rings are smaller this year with just a 1″ diameter, making this planner more portable than ever! The cover has a soft, matte feel to it and is simply a pleasure to touch. You, of course, get metal corner protectors in gold to keep your planner safe from dents.

One of my favorite design elements of the Refresh Weekly Planner is that the title space in the center of the cover doesn’t have a frame around it. The unbordered white seamlessly floats into the white stripes of the design, and the beautifully designed title holds its own without needing a frame to make it stand out. The back cover is simply the design itself, no logos or interruptions to the pattern.

Refresh Weekly-30

This is a well-sized planner at 6.875” wide x 8.5” tall x 1” thick (including wire binding). It’s small enough to take on the go but big enough that you won’t struggle with writing in it. I’ve never felt cramped while using my Refresh Weekly Planner.

The tabs are in alternating colors–Jenna designs her planners with color-coding for each quarter of your year.

Each month includes a cardstock page with a single color and the name + number of the month artfully centered. January–March are in a petal pink/very light purple color, April–June are in a misty mint color, July–September are in a goldenrod color, and October–December are in a periwinkle color. The colors flow well together while still keeping your quarters visually separate.

Refresh Weekly-28

Don’t mind me as I obsess over Jenna’s font choices for the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner. Clean, thin/light weight sans serif font choices keep the clean, minimal design front and center. The monthly spreads include touches of their quarterly color scheme. The number of the month appears in a diamond reminiscent of the task lists in your weekly spreads. Holidays are noted in a bold but small sans serif font, which contrasts beautifully with the lighter weight of the rest of the spread.

Refresh Weekly-29

Holidays are also noted in the weekly spread, printed in the same small but bold font. Like the monthly spread, the weekly pages also include small pops of color that match their quarterly color schemes. The weekly spreads are clean and minimal but still pack in a lot of space for tracking your appointments and tasks.

Now, I’d like to show you how the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner compares to the 2018 edition!

The planners are almost the same size, except for the smaller wire-o binding on the 2019 edition. We get an updated title “box” on the front cover of the planner. This year’s is a little tighter, which I actually prefer. 2018 also had quarterly color schemes, but they were in an ombre, which was gorgeous. This year, Jenna has returned to a solid colorway. The bar of color along the top of the weekly spread has disappeared, leaving a little more room. The monthly spread now has a Goals header, which didn’t appear in the 2018 version. Goal pages are at the beginning of the planner now rather than dispersed throughout the quarters.

Overall, the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner won’t alarm you with any huge changes. If this planner has been perfect for your needs, that won’t change with the 2019 edition. Jenna has designed a planner with lots of content presented with a beautiful and minimal aesthetic.


Pen test time? Pen test time!

The Refresh Weekly Planner uses great paper–bright white and 106# / 157gsm. This paper feels matte without being too toothy, which is how I like it! (I find paper that’s too smooth difficult to write on without smearing, as I prefer rollerball pens.) You will get a little bit of bleed with the Sharpie Permanent Marker and inky fountain pens like the Pilot Varsity. There is minimal ghosting with thick felt tip pens like the Papermate Flair and the Stabilo point 88. Otherwise, you can’t see a thing. Rollerball pens from 07 to 0.25 write beautifully on this paper, and your ballpoint pen will do perfectly well without denting the paper. Highlighters are just fine, as well, and can barely be hinted at on the back of the page.  I personally enjoy using the Pilot G-2 0.38 pen in this planner!

But is this the planner for you? Let’s discuss.

Refresh Weekly-26

This planner is one of the most portable weekly planners on the market. You get so much content–goal planning, holidays, monthly spreads, weekly spreads, notes pages galore–wrapped into a slim and attractive book. It would be a great fit for those of you on the go who don’t want to give up quality and content for portability.

If you are a minimalist planner but like having a little bit of pop and personality in your pages, then this planner might be the perfect fit. If you want a relatively simple weekly and monthly layout but want it to look designed, then the Refresh Weekly Planner definitely fits that bill. If you wanted a gorgeously designed planner but don’t want to break the bank, then the $39.95 price tag on this planner is worth every penny.

I would recommend this planner to professionals for an easy-to-carry weekly planning option. Bring it to meetings, where you’ll have plenty of notes pages for taking notes. Take it to the office and back home without breaking your back or shoulder. Keep track of important appointments and use the weekly spreads to prioritize to-dos, and look polished AF doing it.

Refresh Weekly-5

My words from my review of the 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner still hold true: “I think this planner would also work super well for anyone new to planning who is trying to create a more organized life. The layout is simple and clean, the goal setting sections are accessible and easy to fill out, and there are lots of notes pages for experimenting.” I think that this is a great planner for anyone dipping their toes in the planner world. It perfectly showcases the value of a designed planning experience without the $50+ price tag so often required. You get a beautiful book with clear, aesthetically pleasing pages and a helpful system of goal planning that isn’t overwhelming to newcomers.

I wouldn’t recommend this planner for busy students–if you have assignments, due dates, extracurriculars, and social obligations to keep track of you might want something a catered specifically to students. There isn’t a natural space for writing assignments down unless you use the notes pages in the back to keep chronological track of your classes and academic year. This planner also doesn’t come in a mid or academic year edition (yet?), it’s a calendar-year planner. I also wouldn’t recommend this planner to someone who needs handholding throughout the year. If you need serious structure (no shame, some of us do!), the open format of this planner might not work for you.


I love love love the font choices and the beautiful design elements of this planner. It looks and feels like a high-quality planner designed by a pro! I love the quality of the paper and materials. Jenna does not cut corners in the creation of her planner and you can definitely tell! I love how clean the pages feel–the monthly and weekly spreads are ripe for black pen or a creative panorama of colorful ink! I love the color coding by quarter. I love the notes pages in the back–50 pages! I used this planner last year while I was applying for jobs and it was a professional book to bring in with me and a perfect place for taking notes or reading from them during an interview. 🙂


I wish the wire-o binding was a little bigger! I like that the portability has been improved by using a smaller coil, but I wish it was just a tad bigger to better fit all the pages and covers. I also miss the quarterly goal pages from the 2018 edition that gently nudged you to check in with your goals every quarter, but I do like the new goal planning system. I also wish that holidays weren’t on weekly spreads, just the monthly. I want that To-Do space! 😉

There you have it, my review of the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner from Workspacery! You can find Jenna on Instagram @workspacery for photos of gorgeously designed workspaces and productivity products. ❤ Have you used this planner before? Are you using it for 2019? Let me know–leave a comment!

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “2019 Refresh Weekly Planner from Workspacery

  1. This looks like a great planner. I love anything with goal-setting pages!

    Was wondering if you would ever do a special post about stickers and how to make them useful? I feel completely overwhelmed when I see the beautiful planner layouts on Instagram…I feel like I should be able to make stickers or color-coding work but I don’t know where to begin and I’m not into the purely decorative stuff.


    • Hi Jenny! That’s a fabulous idea—I can definitely do that! As it’s planner launch/shipping season for 2019, I have a bit of a long list of reviews to get up, but once the dust settles I can turn to some more functional posts like what you suggested! 🙂


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