2019 My Infinite Agenda

Hello everyone! I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was amazing and filled with delight & good food! Thanks for your patience as I typed out this behemoth of a review. 😉

I’ve partnered with My Infinite Agenda once again to bring you a review of both editions of their 2019 planner! This year—their second in production—My Infinite Agenda has increased their cover options and included a new, undated daily planner in a more compact design. Lots of exciting changes to go over!

As a refresher, My Infinite Agenda was founded by Raquel & Katie, two opera singers based in New York City. Easter Egg: Raquel is currently playing the role of Carlotta Giudicelli in Broadway’s run of Phantom of the Opera! Check out her Instagram account @quelly2000. ❤ Anyway, My Infinite Agenda helps you focus on positivity and manifesting the vision you have for your life through gratitude and the Law of Attraction.

My Infinite Agenda is an elegant and dynamic vision-board planner designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.  We believe that what you focus on – you attract – which is why we know that your goals and dreams are merely a pen-stroke away.

From my review of the 2018 My Infinite Agenda: “Raquel and Katie met in New York City during graduate school while studying opera. While growing up, Raquel had been told by her mother that if she wanted something to happen in her life, she needed to write it down and be specific. Raquel found that when she did this, the things she wrote down usually manifested in her life. This is called the Law of Attraction, the idea that the energy you put out into the world is returned to you, that like attracts like. Raquel began to live her life this way, which meant lots of writing and lots of note paper. Working with Katie (who had also started the practice of specifically writing down what she wanted to happen/do), Raquel wanted to create something that could hold the infinite possibilities she wrote about, but also helped with planning the day-to-day. Thus My Infinite Agenda was born in 2016.”

The 2019 Dated My Infinite Agenda costs $58 plus shipping, but they also accept afterpay, which lets you pay for your agenda in four interest-free installments of $14.50. This makes the planner a little more accessible to those of you who want the planner but don’t have a lump sum readily available. 🙂 The undated daily planner runs $29.


I’m going to write about the function of the planner in two sections–the Weekly Dated Planner and the Undated Daily Planner.

Weekly Dated Planner

My Infinite Agenda is a weekly-ish planner with a consistent layout and an emphasis on the Law of Attraction.

You begin with a nameplate page, framed simply. Next, you turn to a brand new addition this year—stickers! Yes! You get two pages of stickers with page flags, appointment stickers, and quotes. The second page of stickers is adjacent to a title page with the My Infinite Agenda textual logo and tagline “Imagine the life you want & build it.”

You have quite a few planner prep pages in My Infinite Agenda. You have a welcome note telling you about how to manifest change in your life using this planner. My Infinite Agenda (MIA) helps you plan with the Law of Attraction, the idea that “what you focus your mind on, you attract.” Part of this is the My Infinite Declarations page, which outlines seven affirmations to declare, preferably out loud, to yourself.

The next page goes more in-depth, providing an overview of the My Infinite Agenda Golden Rules:

  • Believe in the power of positive thoughts.
  • Imagine the things you desire in your life.
  • Declare what you want, and be specific.

Here, you are given some tips for framing problems in a way that asks for positive change. For example, how can you turn the hope for a new job into a positive thought? It’s good exercise for both practicing the Law of Attraction and for developing positive thinking habits in your daily life. 🙂

There are five pre-planning sections in you’re My Infinite Agenda: Gratitude, Short Term Goals, Long Term Goals, Wildest Dreams, and Vision Board.

The Gratitude section includes four pages of prompts for writing out what you are grateful for. Beginning with gratitude helps to attract even more good things into your life. It changes your perspective in the face of adversity.

Short Term Goals are goals that have a shorter timeline. Is there something you want to accomplish in a month? A week? ASAP? Write it down. Long Term Goals are that extra step. What do you want to have in your life next year? In five years? Write it down! Come back to these pages throughout the year and add to them. Goals aren’t only legit if you write them down at the beginning of the year. You can work on them throughout the year. 😉

Now that your specific goals are written on the page, it’s time to think about your Wildest Dreams. If you could have or do anything what would it be? What do your wildest dreams look like? When possibilities are endless, what do you dream of? Write it down—you’re one step closer to achieving it.

The last planner prep section is your Vision Board! There are so many ways to prepare a vision board. Cut out clippings from magazines that speak to you, draw something that inspires you, use stickers you love, write out your dreams and vision for your life and future. My Infinite Agenda gives you four blank pages to thoroughly map out your vision board spread.

Then you get into your calendar pages! You start with two year-at-a-glance pages, one for 2019 and one for 2020. I can’t believe that 2020 is so close. Next, you go into 2019. This planner includes monthly and weekly spread with space for notes and a continued focus on manifesting good things into your life through gratitude and declarations.

MIA 2019-25

Your monthly layout is spread over two days! Last year MIA had the monthly spread on just one day, and I am alllll about this update! You get the name of the month and the year in the heading bar on the lefthand page—the righthand page header section is blank for whatever you’d like to note. The monthly spread has a Monday start, so weekends appear next to one another.

You get a righthand lined column on the righthand side of the monthly spread for Notes. Below this is two tiny month at a glance spreads, one for the month prior to your current spread and one for the following month. Holidays appear centered at the bottom of each daily box.

MIA 2019-26

Every month you get a sort of forward-thinking page and a notes page. You have three prompts to help you restate and therefore continue to manifest your goals and dreams. For example, “This month I am excited to accomplish these short-term goals…” with plenty of space to write down what you are trying to accomplish. It’s been proven by some sort of authority that I don’t have a direct source for at the moment that writing things down increases your chance of accomplishing them. So every month you have these prompts to help you stick to your goals! Then of course you have the Notes page with an inspirational quote to get you going!

MIA 2019-27

Now we are onto the weekly spread! You actually get four pages per week with My Infinite Agenda. The first three pages include spreads for the days of the week. Monday—Thursday each get half a page, so there are two days per page until the weekends, which are grouped with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday share a section, so your weekend days are smaller. The fourth page in your weekly spread is a Notes page with grid format and a large script-font quote that take sup about 3/8ths of the page.

Each day includes a generous amount of blank space for however you wish to plan. Make checklists, write down a schedule, journal, break your space up into multiple sections, etc. The great part about the blank space is that it allows you to experiment and to change up your planning style whenever you want! You also have two prompts each day. “Today I am looking forward to…” and “Today I am super grateful for…” which remind you to continue writing down and thinking about the goals and dreams you want to manifest. The day and date are printed in the upper lefthand corner of each daily section.

You have a header at the top of each page, minus the Notes page. On the lefthand side is the name of the month, while a miniature month at a glance calendar is situated in the upper righthand corner of the spread. The week you are currently on is printed in aqua rather than black for easy reference. Each of your weekly pages also includes an inspirational quote, so that you are never without motivation.

MIA 2019-28

The nice thing about this layout is that it is consistent—every time you turn the page, you know exactly what you are getting!

Each month ends with a grid page to write down your Infinite Winnings. This is where you keep track of all the good things that you have written, dreamed, and manifested into your life. It is good practice to keep track of the things you do accomplish, not just the things that you need to do. It helps kickstart positivity!

The planner continues on for 12 months, from January—December 2019. At the end of your planner you have a section for This Year in Review, where you are given space to “record your reflections, realizations, and inspirations to carry you forward.” You can also use these pages at notes pages, future plans, whatever you need the space for. The very end of the planner includes a page of recommended books for further reading. I love this, because My Infinite Agenda is providing you with sources for the systems and mindsets that have worked for their founders.

And, of course, you get a pocket folder on the inside back cover! That’s pretty much it for the Weekly Dated Planner from My Infinite Agenda–now let’s dig into their newest release!

Undated Daily Planner

The Undated Daily Planner is new this year and provides 6 months of planning in one compact book!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You have all the pre-planning pages you know & love from the dated version of the planner—the only difference is that you have slightly less page space to write things out on.

The year-at-a-glance pages include a couple of extra years since the planner is undated and can be used whenever you like. You have all of 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022! Whoa! I can’t believe we are so close to the 20s. But I digress. I love that My Infinite Agenda has thought to include the extra two years, because it makes the Undated Planner feel more flexible.

MIA 2019-51

The monthly and daily layouts are really where this planner differs. Your monthly spread is blank but structured. You have a Sunday start and five weeks of space to map out each month. There is a blank line in the upper lefthand corner of the spread with the word “Month” underneath it to indicate that you write (or sticker) your month in that space. Each daily box in the two-page monthly spread has a little line in the upper lefthand corner where you can write in the date. This spread also includes a narrow, lined notes column to the right of the monthly layout.

MIA 2019-52

Like the Dated Weekly Planner, this version includes Monthly Planning pages after each monthly spread. You are prompted to check in with your Short Term Goals, Long Term Goals, and Wildest Dreams. This way, you are nudged to return to all the prep you did at the beginning to your planner. Sometimes goal planning pages feel like a separate entity from the rest of your planner and you forget to check in with what you wrote down at the beginning of the year, or you feel like it changes and no longer applies. With My Infinite Agenda, you are encouraged to continually refresh and reframe your Short Term, Long Term, and dream goals so that they are always at least in the back of your mind.

MIA 2019-53

The daily pages are spacious and contain similar content to the dated weekly pages. At the top lefthand corner of each page you have a space to write in the appropriate Month, Day, and Year. Then you have half a page of blank space for mapping out whatever you need—schedule, to dos, stream of consciousness, etc. You have the same prompts that the weekly agenda offers for each day as well: “Today I am looking forward to…” and “Today I am super grateful for…”, which help you continue to focus on your goals & dreams. It also suggests a practice of daily gratitude, which is always my No. 1 recommendation for people who are unhappy with where they are in life.

MIA 2019-54

At the end of each month, you get a grid page to write out your Infinite Winnings, a place where you can keep track of the positive things that you did that month.

You get the same goodies at the end of the planner, with slightly fewer notes pages.


This planner comes in four cover options, each connected to a different charity that My Infinite Agenda gives back to with each planner purchase—Black/Silver (Charity: Water), Blush/Rose Gold (Days for Girls), Coral/Gold (The Empowerment Plan), and Teal/Silver (Sing for Hope). I chose the Teal/Silver 2019 planner and the Blush/Rose Gold undated daily planner.

The 2019 Dated planner is 334 pages and roughly 8” by 10 ¼” in size (not including binding), and a little over 1” thick. It is bound with a wire-o coil that is 1 ¼” in diameter and holds all the pages nicely. The front cover of the planner is teal with the My Infinite Agenda textual logo and art logo, a colorful infinity symbol. The date of the planner (2019) is printed in small text at the bottom of the cover, centered. The back cover of the planner is all teal.

The undated daily planner is about 5” by 8 ¼” and 1” thick. It has 270 numbered pages and is casebound. The front cover of the planner is a gorgeous shade of blush pink with rose gold foiling. The My Infinite Agenda textual logo and art logo are front and center on the front cover, while the back cover is solid blush. The planner pages are edged in rose gold foil, which is lovely.

MIA 2019-3

The dated planner is Matte Laminated Hardcover with silver foil embellishments and is packaged with a matching gift box. Mine was also in teal—very pretty! In the box the planner weighs about 2.37lbs. All planners come with a matching elastic band closure.

In the 2019 Dated planner, the monthly tabs are coated in laminate. They appear teal going forward and white looking back. The undated planner does not have tabs, but does have a satin ribbon page marker.

MIA 2019-24

Each month is marked by a solid teal page with the My Infinite Agenda infinity logo. This is especially great in the undated planner, because it helps you find the monthly spreads.

MIA 2019-31

The overall aesthetic of these planners is colorful but functional. My Infinite Agenda’s signature color is teal, which makes up most of the color scheme of the interior pages. Occasionally you will find some black ink in places like the tiny month-at-a-glance calendars, the date & day in weekly spreads, or the monthly spread’s Notes column. There is a mixture of two main fonts used in this planner—a script font which is situated in headings like the month’s name and always appears in teal, and an all-caps sans serif font for subheadings and prompts. There is also a serif font in black that My Infinite Agenda uses in quotes, but it is out of the way enough to not confuse the standard visual presentation of the planner pages.


Pen test? Pen test!

My Infinite Agenda uses 120 GSM paper that has a matte feel and holds up against most of my pen arsenal. It had light bleed through with the Sharpie Permanent Marker and my Pilot Varsity fountain pen. For some reason Stabilo brand pens and highlighters ghosted more than the others. Personally, I enjoyed rollerball pens and ballpoint pens on this paper. The Pentel EnerGel and Papermate InkJoy were a delight on this paper. It is worth noting here that both planners use the same paper—you aren’t missing out on the quality of the planner by choosing the undated 6-month daily version.

MIA 2019-4

But is this the right planner for you? Let’s discuss!

If you want to set goals that incorporate the short term, long term, and your wildest dreams, then obviously this is a good planner for you. I would recommend it to people who don’t want to just set and forget their goals—consistent, gentle reminders throughout the planner really train your focus on what you want to manifest into your life.

This planner (either version) is perfect for all the things that aren’t part of your normal routine. If you don’t need to write down the things that happen almost every day (work, school, etc.) but do want to keep track of progress on goals, action items on bigger projects, etc. then this planner’s format will work beautifully for you.

MIA 2019-22

I would recommend this planner to anyone who believes in the Law of Attraction or wants to try it out as a companion to goal setting. If you love to create vision or dream boards, then this planner has more space than any other I’ve seen for your “board.” If you are a visual processer, then this planner would work well for you as long as you complete the prompts! If you are the type of person who remembers things better when you physically write them out, then My Infinite Agenda is a great planner for building a practice of gratitude and gently pushing you to focus on your goals.

If you want to use a planner to keep your life in check but don’t want your space all planned out for you with appointment times or to do lists, then I would recommend this planner. The space in both the daily and dated planners is generous and open. This would also be a fantastic planner if you want a dated journal. There is plenty of space for journaling and prompts that encourage mindfulness and big picture thinking. If you want to journal positivity and good things into your life, this planner would be the perfect tool.

The daily undated planner is going to be more compact—it’s easier to carry around and gives you one page per day to focus on. The 2019 dated planner is sizable and would make a better desk agenda or bedside companion. I can easily see planning out your week or journaling at the end of your day in My Infinite Agenda, all cozied up with tea and blankets. Put basically: this planner is hygge.

MIA 2019-23

I would recommend this planner to students who need space to write out their assignments and due dates—the undated for a semester’s worth of portability, or the 2019 dated version for a master planner that mainly hangs out on your desk. I would recommend this planner to the dreamer who wants help focusing on goals, to the creative who needs space to plan and whose days fluctuate. I would recommend it to the recently graduated, transplanted, or shaken individual who needs guidance.

I would not recommend this planner to someone who needs a lot of structure in their planning spreads. If you really need that to do list and that appointment schedule to make sense of your days, then this format might not be the best fit for you. If you don’t like the color teal, you might want to look elsewhere. There’s a lot of teal. If you need lots of space for planning out your weekends, then this probably isn’t the planner for you.


I love that My Infinite Agenda has changed their monthly layout to a two-page spread. Love the extra space! I also love that it gives you more space for the monthly reflection as well, now that it’s moved to a bigger spread. I love the quality of the planner—the paper, hardcover, foil, and elastic closure band are all sturdy and gorgeous. I love love love that My Infinite Agenda has made giving back such a huge part of their mission and brand. With every purchase of a planner, you are giving back to a charity. That’s amazing. I love the new daily undated planner, too! Great portability and a wonderful size without compromising what makes My Infinite Agenda unique.


In the 2019 dated agenda, I wish that Saturday and Sunday spreads were the same size as the weekdays. I would gladly give up the fourth page’s script quote for more weekend planning space. For the undated daily planner, I wish it laid a bit flatter. Even with my gold clip, it’s hard to keep the planner open near the middle pages without using my hands to hold the pages down. I’d also love to see two ribbon page markers for keeping track of the monthly and daily pages!

There you have it–my review of the 2019 Dated and the Daily Undated My Infinite Agendas! Do you have any questions? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 Do you use a My Infinite Agenda? Tell me about it!

Until next time!



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