2019 Hello Day Planner

Hello everyone! I know this post is late–thank you so much for your patience, especially Kirsten. ❤ The moving process from Baltimore to Seattle was rather sudden and is all happening very quickly. Even as I write this, movers are in my apartment packing everything up to ship across the country. (Have you ever had packers before? My husband’s job is relocating him and sent packers and movers. It’s very awkward because you feel like you should be helping the entire time. Not that I’m ungrateful! #gratitudecheck)

So, house-keeping taken care of! Now it’s time to dig into this wonderful planner. I am so so excited to bring you this review because I have coveted the Hello Day Planner since 2017 and am thrilled to have one to share with you. The lovely Kirsten (CEO & everything else!) was kind enough to send me a planner of my choosing from the 2019 Hello Day lineup. I picked the Carrara cover, because it is their staple and has been offered every year!

Hello Day came about in 2017 (2016? Can’t find the exact date, but 2017 yearly planners were the first offerings) when Kirsten, an entrepreneur with an Interior Design background, decided that she wanted to create the perfect planner. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of writing things down and has used a planner since she was 10 years old. Originally from Washington, DC, Kirsten has traveled extensively and now lives in the United Kingdom with a hubby and two fur babies with the best names ever (Barnaby and Millington).

I’ve been where you are, right now, many times – looking for that perfect planner. A lot of people don’t understand, but I know how important it is, because once you’ve chosen it, it’s going to be your companion, day in day out, for the whole year. I know that your life is going to go into this planner, and its job is to help you to be who you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve; never losing track of your priorities, helping you to stay positive and appreciative about life, helping to keep you accountable to yourself, and those you love.

The name of the company, Hello Day, serves as “a reminder that each day we can turn over a new leaf, literally and figuratively. Rather than one day blearily blending into the next, Hello Day literally encourages you to greet each day with a fresh perspective.”

It retails for £46 plus shipping, £51 if you want luxury gift wrapping. Shipping to the USA costs about £19, so altogether you are looking at a £65 planner if you’re in the states. That’s about $83.03 total in USD–$58.76 for the planner itself and $24.27 for shipping across the Atlantic. Shipping is the real buzz kill for us Americans who want this planner, but the actual cost of the planner itself is super reasonable for everything that you get!

Ready to dig in?


This is a daily planner with shared weekend spreads. It’s highly structured and functional, with minimal frill and lots of intentional space. There are two options–Original and Minimal. Kirsten has a great comparison for you here. The Original is the layout that I have.

This planner runs for twelve months and comes in both calendar year and academic year date ranges. It includes monthly, weekly, and daily spreads.

You begin with a title page providing the name of the planner and a space for you to write your name. Then of course you have the logo and copyright information. You get a folder on the inside front cover that serves well for holding notes and other loose papers. Hello Day makes mini notebooks that fit snugly into these folders as well.

Next, you have a lovely note from Kirsten welcoming you to your new planner! You also have the Hello Day mantra:

Each day is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Sart afresh and take one step closer to achieving your goals.

Then you have a page on How to Use Your Planner. I love when planners include this! Especially ones like Hello Day that are so structured. Kirsten guides you on Getting Started and filling out your Monthly, Weekly, and daily spreads. Next, you have a page listing out the 2019 Holidays. Hello Day includes USA and UK holidays–even some Scottish and Canadian ones too! This page is followed by 2019 At a Glance, where January–December 2019 are spread out for quick reference.

Next, you have a 2019 Yearly Spread. This spread is two pages and provides a generous horizontal space where you can write in important dates, things that are happening that month, etc. You could easily turn this section into a habit tracker. Whatever you’d like to do with it!

Then you get a page where you can write in your Weekly Schedule. It can be your ideal week, a typical work/school week, or serve as a reminder of things you want to make sure to accomplish each week. The next page is one of my favorites–10-Minute Accomplishments. 10-Minute Accomplishments are “those seemingly minor chores that only take 5-10 minutes” that you either keep putting off or you never actually do. This page is a list where you can write 10-Minute accomplishments out that you then disperse throughout your days. (There’s even a section for it on your daily spread!) Kirsten starts the list for you with things like “clean the fridge” and “call old flatmate/roommate to say hi”, and then the rest is up to you! I added stuff like “hang up coats” and “write a letter.” These tasks are rarely that time-consuming individually, but when they go undone and add up it’s a real headache.

Next, you have a page for Yearly Goal Planning. You have space to write out four main labels for your goals, which could be as general as “Health” or as specific as “Yoga.” You have space to elaborate on these sections as well. You have four spaces in the following section for mapping out your goals by quarter. How will you achieve them? What are your milestones each quarter?

The next page continues your Yearly Goals into Monthly breakdowns. Great, you have your quarterly plans. How are you going to break those down even further into actionable monthly milestones/tasks/deadlines? This goal setting system takes you from big picture to monthly and weekly details. Large, overwhelming tasks can be completed by breaking them down into bitesize action steps. What can you take action on today that will help you work towards your big yearly goal of doing one hour of yoga three times a week without dying? Maybe it’s stretching. Maybe it’s a yoga day. Maybe today you can only do 30 minutes of yoga before you start to feel overwhelmed or in pain. That’s okay. But you’re doing a thing, and that’s pretty cool. ❤

Then, you have a two-page spread for loosely mapping out your budget for each month. This has the standard columns for whatever you spend money on or bring money in from, a total, and what the difference is. You have a column for your planned budget and then what you actually spent, as well.

Hello Day 2019-14

Each month includes a monthly Goal Planning page and a Notes page before you hit the monthly spread.

The Goal Planning section is there to help you further break down your goals from that blueprint you created at the beginning of your planner. You have a section for Goals/Budget, with blank space to write out whatever goals you like. There is another for Food/Exercise, and one for Less of/More of. There’s a small space for Something New and another for Act of Kindness.

Then you have a section for Tasks Per Week. Take that monthly goal setting outline you created for yourself and think about what needs to be accomplished each week to help you get there. Then, you guessed it, write it down! The last section is for your End of the Month Reflection. You have a space to write in your month’s Successes and What I Learned. I think it’s a rather gentle way to help you learn from both your successes, and your unsuccesses(? failures seems too harsh a word).

The Notes page for each month is half blank and half lined to provide you with maximum notes diversification.

Hello Day 2019-13

Throughout the planner, you’ll find four pages with brush script loveliness from Too Wordy. You can cut these out and pin them up!

The weekly spread is one page and includes a quick horizontal layout for each day of the week. Use this to meal plan, actively break down your goals further with a deliberate place to write everything down, or create a snapshot of your week. You have a prompt at the top of the page for This Week’s Task, to keep you on your toes!

Hello Day 2019-15

The monthly layout is next, with plenty of space for all your plans! You have a hello and then the current month in large text in the upper lefthand corner of the spread. Your monthly spread has a Monday start, which means weekends are next to one another. Holidays are printed at the very bottom of each daily box, when applicable. There is a wonderfully structured Notes column on the right hand side of the monthly layout, which has five distinct lined sections so you can break your notes up as needed.

Hello Day 2019-16

Ah, the daily spread! What delight. This seemingly minimal spread is packed with functionality. At the top of the page you have your hello and the day and date–reinforcing that each day is a fresh start, a new leaf, if you will. There are little prompts for each day as well! Friday’s is “This week’s win”, a chance to reflect on the week and congratulate yourself on something well-done! Below this is a sort of health/habit tracker. You get eight bubbles for tracking the day’s H2O intake, a circle to mark of whether you exercised that day, a circle for marking off whether you Prayed or Meditated, and a circle for checking off that you worked towards This Week’s Goal. Beneath this bar is a quote! Some inspiration for each day.

You have a Top To Dos section with three arrows. This is a great space for prioritizing important tasks of the day. To the right of this box is a space for writing down Birthdays, and one for writing in a 10 Minute Accomplishment (remember that page at the start of the planner?).

Then you get into the meat of your daily spread–two columns, one for To Do/Notes and one for scheduling out Today. This is a little different than most daily planners, because the To Do/Notes section is lined but doesn’t include any check boxes or circles. You can decide each day if you need that space for notes or if you need it for writing down and crossing off tasks. Likewise, the schedule side of the layout is separated out into three lined sections: AM, PM, and EVE. I am liking this system more and more because you have multiple lines if you need them, aren’t wasting space if you don’t have a super busy day, and there is no time that you can’t oblige (many schedule sections go from 5–9 or 8–7, for example). I also like that you can easily use this space for something else if you don’t have tons of appointments or scheduled things that day.

Below these sections is simply a blank space for whatever you want. Track meals, take notes, write homework, log medicine, etc.

Then, of course, you have your weekend on one page spread. Saturday and Sunday share a page and are split horizontally. You lose your prompt and quote but still have the requisite bubbles/circles for checking off your daily health habits. You still have your Top To Dos with three arrows, and spaces for Birthdays and your 10 Minute Accomplishment.  Instead of labeling the two columns as To Dos/Notes and Today, you just have lined columns that you can use however you wish.

Hello Day 2019-24

The planner continues this way until the very end, where you get a few blank notes pages!


This is a beautiful, chic planner that uses neutral tones to convey a stylish aesthetic that will match with anything and everything!

It’s designed for the modern, stylish woman who wants to keep herself on track with the aide of her sassy little accessory that’s not only fab to look at but also helps to keep her in check on a daily basis.

Your planner arrives in a sturdy box to protect it–I believe the box changes from planner to planner. It is wrapped beautifully. It absolutely feels like a special present when you get it. The tissue paper is folded with flair and sealed with a wax stamp of the Hello Day logo, a leaf from a Monstera plant.

Fun fact: the Monstera plant has been thriving in the social media, fashion, and design fields. Originally labeled as “jungalow” decor, the Monstera has become a symbol of lush minimalism in the design world.

“A bouquet of flowers probably couldn’t work inside there because it might feel feminine or romantic, and isn’t the muted minimalist look they want. But the Monstera is cool and chic. It has a unique graphic and architectural element to it, with that whimsical wabi-sabi type of Japanese imperfection, where its design is tied to nature and the earth. I think this really resonates in fashion.” –Chavie Lieber, Racked

My point is, Kirsten carefully selected her logo to match the unique design and purpose of the Hello Day planner. Okay, back to the planner!

Hello Day 2019-3

The Hello Day Planner is gorgeous. The Carrara hardcover (like Carrara marble in Italy), is beautifully done in Matte Finish, which feels soft and substantive. The Hello Day label with the date and the “daily planner” is printed in gold foil on the front cover. It has a gorgeous shape to it, too! The planner comes with protective gold metal corners to keep your planner in tip-top shape.

Hello Day 2019-4

This planner is 19.5cm x 22cm, or 7.67″ x 8.66″ (including the coil). Pages are 15cm x 21cm, or 6″ x 8.25″ in inches. It is quite thick, at over an inch. There are 446 Pages of Hello Day Goodness in your planner, which makes it a hefty little tome! It is still quite portable, though. 🙂 The planner is bound with a burnished gold wire-o binding. Usually, wire-o isn’t my favorite, but this one doesn’t bother me at all because the pages turn so smoothly. They don’t get caught or bunched up on the binding at all. ❤

Hello Day 2019-19

The Hello Day planner comes with gold monthly laminate tabs with a bit of a tasteful sparkle to them. You have the first three letters of the month in caps so it’s easy to find where you want to be!

Hello Day 2019-18

The pages are printed in black ink. It’s light enough to lessen the visual impact of the dark text, but not so light that it gets difficult to read. A good balance! Two fonts are used throughout the planners–a light sans serif font for almost everything, and a script font fro every hello in the planner. These appear on each daily page and on the monthly spreads. The lines are dark and feel like college rule spacing, although I could be wrong about that.

Hello Day 2019-28

This is a gorgeous planner. It packs a lot of content in without being too bulky, visually or physically. Kirsten’s background in Interior Design shines in the organized, sleek aesthetic of her Hello Day Planner. 🙂


Pen test!

Hello Day uses 100 gsm paper in bright white matte. It’s thin without feeling too thin–the quality of the paper itself is good. Heavier pens and highlighters will bleed a little bit, like the Stabilo Boss highlighter and the Pilot Varsity fountain pen. Micron pens write beautifully on this paper, as do medium to fine point pens (0.5 and smaller). I particularly liked the Muji 0.38 for its precision and the mildliner highlighters for no ghosting or bleed.

So is Hello Day the planner for you? Let’s discuss.

Hello Day 2019-20

This planner is elegant and structured. If you are busy trying to live your best life, this planner will help you get there. It incorporates work, health, mindset, and goals into one book that will keep you on track by demanding accountability from you each week. This process of consistently writing down your goals is proven to encourage the achievement of them.

I would recommend this planner to the busy professional who wants something chic and clean to bring into work with them each day. This planner will inspire admiration in the boardroom and joy on your desk. If you are too busy to remember all the little things, especially things like drinking enough water, then the Hello Day planner will serve as a gentle reminder take care of yourself, even amidst all the busy of life.

Hello Day 2019-12

I would also recommend this planner to students, college and above. There is a lot of potential for keeping track of your assignments and commitments while also remembering to take care of your personal/health life too. I would recommend this planner to anyone who has trouble going from big picture goals and dreams to bitesize action steps. This planner does a pretty gentle job of guiding you, and won’t overwhelm you. If you have trouble holding yourself accountable to your goals, the consistent reminders to work on those goals will help you stay on track.

If you are looking for a planner that will give you space for tasks and a schedule on your own terms, this planner will be a good fit for you. The loose format means that your tasks don’t have to be only one-line long, and your schedule can happen whenever. I think that this planner would be especially helpful for people who don’t have a work schedule during 9am–5pm business hours. Sometimes a schedule with appointment times can be super limiting for people who work the night shift or are night owls.

Hello Day 2019-27

I would not recommend this planner to anyone who has gigantic handwriting. You might find it a bit cramped, although I wouldn’t say that the lines and spacing of this planner are super tight. I also wouldn’t recommend this planner to someone who really likes to decorate. It’s designed in black and white, with a minimal aesthetic in mind, but it also isn’t formatted in a way that lends itself overly to tons of stickers and decoration. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely put stickers and washi (see above, I totes did it) around, but you aren’t going to find an Etsy shop that makes stickers especially for all the little boxes and sections of Hello Day planners.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want structure and reminders in your planner, then you might want to look elsewhere. This planner is great about providing that, which can be super helpful to some people but limiting to others. I also wouldn’t recommend this paper to anyone who writes exclusively in Sharpie Permanent Marker or fountain pens.


I love this planner. It’s aesthetically elegant, tightly organized with lots of structure so minimal flailing on my part, has a goal setting system that I understand and jive with, and is simply gorgeous. I had high expectations and was not disappointed. I love how smoothly the wire-o binding turns pages–it’s so easy to move from one section to another in this planner. I love the minimalist but creative cover designs, the fun peachy interior covers, and the overall look and feel of this planner. It feels like a luxury stationery product. I also like that the daily spread has an open format for the schedule section with just AM, PM, and EVE. I won’t have huge swaths of space unused when my day isn’t busy, which I love!


I with that this planner didn’t have the Hello Day website at the bottom of each page. It looks like a visual outlier sometimes. I love that there are page numbers, but would personally like it better if the page numbers were the only running footer. I find that the Weekly Schedule page at the beginning of the planner isn’t very useful to me, personally. My years change so much that I don’t have a consistent schedule to speak of.

There you have it! My long-awaited review of the 2019 Hello Day Planner! I hope you loved it. ❤ Any questions? Leave a comment–I’d love to hear from you! I’m so pleased that Kirsten and I were able to collaborate to bring a review of a UK planner to Plannerisma.com. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while!

Until next time!


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