2019 Lala Letter Planner

Hello hello! Today I’m bringing you my review of a new planner on the market–the 2019 Lala Letter Planner!

Lala Letter is a stationery brand built from the entrepreneurial dreams & dedication of Bella Gonzalez. Bella was seized by the desire to create a planner in the summer of 2016. A lifelong #plannerbabe, Bella has used a different planner year after year, but was never quite satisfied. After lots of work and feedback, Lala Letter was born in late 2017. Bella had created a planner that helped her stay on top of her ambitious and creative goals. ❤

Designed for every girl, Lala Letter’s mission is to spread positivity and promote productivity in the most FUN way possible. The #lalalettergirlgang is made up of women from all walks of life, all proud to call this brand theirs. Let Lala Letter be yours too.

Bella reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the 2019 Lala Letter planner–I said yes, and she very kindly sent me one. She has also been extraordinarily patient while I’ve taken forever with my review. ❤ Snaps for Bella! & Apologies to all of you!

The 2019 planner lineup included three different cover options: Sky Grey, Ocean Blue, and Cotton Pink. The planner retailed for $45. An added bonus, 5% of Lala Letter’s profits from planners are donated to help nature/ocean preservation.

Let’s dig into the planner itself! 🙂


This planner is a weekly two-page spread with monthly calendars. It runs from January 2019 to December 2019.


The Lala Letter planner opens with a super cute nameplate page. You have a place to write in your name (“the lucky owner of this planner is…”), and a place to write in contact info (“if lost, please give me a hello…”). These are followed by the Lala Letter logo in greyscale. The back of this page is blank, so you can either leave it that way or do whatever you like with it. Vision board page? Goal map? The possibilities are limitless.

Next, you have a page for your 2019 at a glance. These have a Monday start (my fave) and are quite small, so while you can probably highlight dates that you need, it really is designed to be glanced at rather than utilized. A little over half the page is dedicated to your year at a glance, while the other section is for birthdays, anniversaries, important dates, etc. Instead of saying “Important Dates,” this section is labeled as “Let’s Throw a Party” with three lines per month, which is a fun way to categorize, I think. 🙂

When you turn the page, you get a copyright section with all the necessary info. You can learn from this page that the Instagram handle is @lalaletter; Lala Letter is based out of Diamondhead, Mississippi; and that Bella’s acknowledgments include her parents, friends, and you! There is also a little note for you congratulating you on your new planner and encouraging you to provide any and all feedback on lalaletter.com 🙂 Adjacent to this page is your double-sided folder! It is in a happy blue color and includes a pocket on each side. You also get a Lala Letter sticker with your planner–I put mine on the front pocket, as seen in the pic. I also received a lovely note from Bella thanking me for reviewing the planner–which I am getting to rather late, I know.

Lala Letter 2019-7

Now it’s time to dig in! You get this fantastic, mildly retro welcome page to your 2019 planner. There’s even more fun stuff on the back of the page, but first I want to write briefly about the physical structure of this planner. The Lala Letter planner includes a thick stack of sticky notes! These are built into the planner’s lower righthand corner, which means that most of the planner pages are cut to accommodate them. This makes for a rather unique planner, where you have the meat of the planner sized ~ 6 3/4″ x 5 1/2″. The bottoms of the page (half cut out for the sticky notes) are usually reserved for notes and weekly goals. Got it? Don’t worry, the structure will become more apparent as we dig in.

Lala Letter 2019-8

One of my favorite features of the Lala Letter planner (other than the sticky notes obvi) is the fun MadLibs style declaration to yourself at the beginning of the year. You can fill in the prompts and wind up with a lovely little letter to yourself for the year ahead!

Across from this is a dot grid notes page, and then we get into the calendar pages.


Each month has a title page beside a dot grid notes page. Each month also includes two sections at the bottom of the pages–a rotating one that changes each month (“I’m thankful for…” for January), and a Goals section. Both of these are lined. Once you flip the tabbed monthly title page, you get a two-page monthly spread. The monthly layout has a Monday start, the name of the month and year as the header on the upper lefthand corner, and a space to write in “This Month’s Motto” in the righthand header space. The righthand side of the layout includes a column for notes (or anything else you need it for) with dot grid. Once you turn the page, the back of the righthand monthly page includes a lovely note to inspire and motivate you! This is situated next to another dot grid Notes page.

Lala Letter 2019-12

The weekly spread is next! This planner uses a two-page weekly spread in a horizontal format. This spread is simple but highly functional. It doesn’t assume anything about how you need to plan your days & weeks. The entire week is spread over two pages. Monday–Friday are given the same amount of space in horizontal bars, while Saturday and Sunday are presented beside one another. The month, date, and day are provided for each day, and any holidays are included in the same “header” bar.

Each weekday includes a lined section and a dot grid section, each format taking up half the horizontal bar. Weekends simply get dot grid space. You can use these sections however you like–dot grid for tasks, schedule, ideas, doodles, etc. Lined space for to dos, schedule, notes, reminders, etc. Whichever method of planning works best for you is easily accomplished with this open layout.

The bottom of the spread includes a dot grid spot for Notes and a dot grid spot for Upcoming. As always, the sticky notes stack is visible for all your sticky note needs!

The weeks and months continue in this fashion until you reach the end of the year. You get three dot grid pages for notes or whatever else you need at the very end of the planner.


This planner has a definite aesthetic that contributes to its overall look and feel. It also arrived in perfect condition–no corner bends or anything!


First, I need to say that I love the Lala Letter textual logo. Beautiful combination of handwriting script plus easy to read sans serif font. ❤ Gorgeous. Great branding all around. Good job, Bella!

As I mentioned earlier, this planner comes in three colors: Sky Grey, Ocean Blue, and Cotton Pink. I have the Cotton planner. All planners have rose gold wire-o binding, a rose gold elastic closure band, and rose gold foil on the cover. 2019 is stamped in foil on the cover, while the textual Lala Letter logo is foil stamped onto the back cover, centered at the bottom. The planner has book cloth fabric hard board covers–you can even steam patches onto your cover, if you like! Fabric covers are so on trend for 2019 planners.

The planner itself is 9″ x 7″ x 1.5″, while the sticky note stack that’s included within is sized 2″ x 1.5″. The corners are squared and uncovered by any metal protectors.

Lala Letter 2019-14

What a myriad of colors and materials! The bulk of the pages are printed on speckletone, recycled French paper. This paper is more of an antique white color with visible fibers as a result. It’s still smooth for writing on! The monthly pages are printed on white cardstock. This year, the sticky notes are blue, which matches the aesthetic of the planner. Combinations of Chambray, Pattens Blue, Pig Pink, and Brandy Rose can be found throughout the planner, lending it a feminine retro aesthetic.

Lala Letter 2019-21

The background art provided for each monthly title page contributes to this mildly retro look. In all the aforementioned colors, you’ll find paintbrush styled art specific to each month. These colors also show up on the monthly tabs, which include the first three letters of each month on them and form one descending line along the edge of the book. The covers are wide enough to protect the tabs, which are also coated in laminate.

Lala Letter 2019-16

There are a few fonts used throughout this planner, but they manage to come together well and not to look discombobulated. You still get a complete aesthetic feeling from them. A handwriting-style script font makes up the holidays listed throughout the weekly and monthly spreads, the messages of inspiration attached to each monthly layout, and makes up the text on the nameplate page. A different script font introduces you to the planner and is used for the monthly title pages. The rest of the font is a lightweight sans serif, which provides a clean and measured aesthetic to the weekly pages.

Overall, this planner is a neatly packaged, feminine book that is stylized just enough to give it some retro meets millennial pink vibes. The design fits together nicely and gives the planner an aesthetic character all its own.


Pen test? Pen test.


This planner paper is excellent. I don’t know the exact weight (will check with Bella), but there was zero bleed-through. I repeat: zero. The Sharpie Permanent Marker did not bleed through. The inkiest part of my Stabilo Boss highlighter did not bleed through. While the calendar pages are cardstock, the weekly and notes pages are not, so if you aren’t a cardstock paper lover never fear–that isn’t what makes up most of the planner. Personally, I loved the way that felt tip pens wrote on this paper–smooth application without any feathering. I also loved writing with the Papermate InkJoy, which is a little thicker than I usually go. My tried and true 0.38 fine point pens were lovely as well, but if you won’t settle for anything less than a Plot G-2 07, it will look superfly on this paper.

But is this the right paper for you? Let’s explore.

Lala Letter 2019-15

I would recommend this planner to college students who want cute stationery but also need to write down homework assignments and keep track of shit. If you want to be pleasantly reminded of some of the USA’s more creative holidays (National Chocolate Cupcake Day? Yes, please.), then this planner is also a delight. For that reason, I actually recommend it for social media managers. It can be helpful to know those dates and keep track of whatever month’s social media goals. The way the weekly spread is laid out makes it a versatile canvas for tracking and planning social media content.

If you don’t want to give up your sticky notes, Lala Letter won’t make you. Your sticky note stack is right there. If you like to plan in dot grid but are so not going to create a whole bullet journal for yourself (I getchu) then this planner might be an alternative. If you delight in the mixed media, feminine, retro aesthetic of this planner, then definitely go for it! Especially if you feel like the design of this planner matches your aesthetic. It can be a delight to have a planning tool that looks beautiful–definitely increases the chances that you’ll stick with it for the entire year!

I would also recommend this planner for anyone who wants the pops of color without a rainbow cacophony of brightness. Even with its colorful elements, the Lala Letter planner still appears fairly lowkey and minimal compared to your average colorful Erin Condren Lifeplanner. It’s also a portable planning option. It’s fairly light and super easy to carry around. No aching backs, here! If you want a simple weekly layout with plenty of room to plan your own way, then check out Lala Letter.

Lala Letter 2019-13

I wouldn’t recommend this planner to anyone who really wants a heavy goal-setting component to their planner. There is a small lined space for monthly goals, but otherwise, you don’t get prompted about goal setting at all. On the flip side, if you don’t like using your planner for goal setting, then this planner might work for you. I also wouldn’t recommend this planner for someone who adamantly doesn’t want a feminine aesthetic for their planner. That is part of the Lala Letter brand, along with its reinforcement of #lalagirls. I’m by no means saying that you have to be feminine to enjoy this planner, to clarify. Just that you either probably have to love the aesthetic or not care at all about it if you want to enjoy using this planner.

I wouldn’t recommend this planner to someone who needs appointment and schedule times to make sense of their weeks. Although, this planner would be excellent to use in tandem with a digital calendar like Google or iCal. If you are super rough with your planner, you might want to get one that is more durable. While the paper is excellent, the lack of metal protectors on the cover of your planner will likely encourage bending if it is continually being thrown in your bag.

Simply put, this planner is a unique weekly option with fun extras (sticky notes!). It is portable and cute without looking like it belongs to a 13-year-old girl–although I bet a 13-year-old girl would love it too. 😉


I love the weekly horizontal spread–half lined and half dot grid is inspired. I also really like the color palette of this planner–I’m digging the retro meets millennial pink aesthetic! The paper is wonderful. Anything that can hold up to a Sharpie Permanent Marker is impressive in my book. I love the 2019 Let’s Go Madlib section at the beginning of your planner. So cute. I also love the dispersed notes pages throughout the planner–you’ll never lack for a place to write down a few things!

I also like the sticky note inclusion! What fun. Although you do need to use the sticky notes up as you flip through your planner or it ends up unbalanced when you try to tuck it back on itself so only one page is showing. I love the book coth cover–but it does collect other fibers rather easily.


I wish there were protective corners on these planners’ covers to prevent the bending that I know from experience will occur with continued use. With such a compact and portable planning option, extra protection would, I’m sure, be welcome without stepping away from the aesthetic. Wire-o isn’t my favorite–no surprise there. The Lala Letter logo is included at the bottom of each monthly spread’s righthand dot grid column. While it’s cute, I don’t think it’s a needed reminder. It takes away a little extra space and its absence would provide a cleaner monthly look.

There you have it! My review of the 2019 Lala Letter planner. I know I just got you all hyped up, but unfortunately the 2019 line of Lala Letter planners is sold out. But more products are coming soon, and we can only presume that there will be an equally amazing 2020 line!

Any comments, questions, observations? You know I love hearing from y’all! ❤

Until next time!


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