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Affiliate Links

If you are looking for affiliate links (links that I get in order to give you a discount on planners), I will be listing them here. Just click the hyperlink and it will take you to the planner website with a discount for your first order!

InkWell Press – $10 off
Northfolk Paper – $10 off
Simplified – $10 off
STIL Classics – $10 off
Erin Condren LifePlanner – $10 off
The Day Designer
Danielle LaPorte (Desire Map Planner)
PurpleTrail (use “plannerisma10” for 10% off your first order!)

The Interwebs is a great big place and sometimes you just want a good planner or productivity website without wading through ten pages of Google results. Amirite? So I’ve gathered some of my favorite websites, blogs, channels, and etc. here for you!

Other Planner Blogs & Websites to Follow

  • Confessions of a Planner Addict is all planners, all the time.
  • Okay, so this is more about organization but there are a few planner-specific posts and some great tips on how to better arrange your space at simply organized.
  • I love Emily Ley’s Blog, where she posts simplicity tips, monthly faves, builds playlists for you, and provides suggestions on how to use her Simplified Planner.
  • I am also aĀ huge fan of Whitney English & The Day Designer Blog, which always has tons of fab posts on planning, productivity, goal assessment, and self-care tips.
  • While this blog is alarmingly comprehensive when it comes to all things organization, I’m going to direct you right to A Bowl Full of Lemons’ blog section on planners and binders. She shares her planner set ups, reviews lots of great binder options, and throws in a few favorites here and there.
  • Pineapple & Button Co has a super cute blog that mixes lifestyle, family blogging, and stationary blogging on one website. She has an easy menu navigation that makes finding her stationary (and planning) section easy!
  • Pretty Neat Living is a fantastic resource and blog that contains both high quality YouTube videos and comprehensive planner reviews. Jen usually has one of the first peeks at new releases from planner champions like Emily Ley and Erin Condren, and her comparison videos are fantastic.
  • Tiny Ray of Sunshine is a comprehensive bullet journal blog, with ideas, tips, and information on how to get the most out of bullet journaling.
  • Earn Spend Live has a great website focused on productivity geared towards young professionals and recent grads. They have an entire section on planner reviews, which are short and easy reads!
  • Career Contessa is a website source for women that has job search tips, career advice, webinars, and interviews with professionals.
  • By Rochelle is a fabulous Happy Planner-focused blog with occasional free printables, reviews of books, planner accessories, bags, etc. and general posts about what Rochelle is into. It’s a lovely place and I recommend checking it out!

YouTube Channels for Planners

  • I love Christopher Allen’s channel. I love that he starts his videos by saying “Welcome” three times. His videos are polished and provide fantastic tips on planning, organization, and lifestyle. He does planner reviews, talks about how to organize your planner stash, and more.
  • I know I mentioned this in the blog section, but Pretty Neat Living’s channel is a goldmine of planner reviews, comparisons, and organization.
  • I also love The Happy Planner’s channel, which includes short but sweet plan with me videos, flip throughs of planners, tips, and PIY (Plan It Yourself) tutorials.
  • Mrs. Mom Next Door has planning 101 videos, planner accessories organization tips, and stickers galore.
  • Strange & Charmed with Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat has a deep archive of videos on planning, productivity, inspiration, and advice. She has great tips on building productive habits, how to organize your planner, and just overall permeates your screen with a very positive vibe.
  • At Home with Nikki and At Work with Nikki are wonderful channels. Nikki leads you through cleaning, organization, and budgeting tips on her home channel, and then provides helpful productivity and specific work tips on her work channel. She is an experienced business professional & small business owner with a love for planning and know-how that makes you feel like you’re conducting an informational interview with her. Also she has the best team welcome gift ever. Nikki is all class.
  • Boho Berry takes you with her on her bullet journal journey.
  • Paper & Glam has fab plan with me videos, lots of accessories and stickers, and also uploads videos featuring the Paper & Glam book club, as well as vlogs.
  • Lavendaire. Lifestyle, inspiration, health, mindfulness, journaling, and more. She also interviews people about their lives & experience and posts the videos, which are great to watch for some inspiration.
  • Young and aesthetically monochrome, kayln nicholson’s channel is packed full of advice on how to form healthy and helpful habits and routines. She also has videos on fashion, beauty, and general vlogs. I like her coffee talks, where she takes viewer requests and films pertinent, real talks.
  • Amanda’s Favorites reviews planners in-depth and also uploads comparison videos. She looks at and uses a wide range of planners, from $10 Amazon planners to high-end planners like Emily Ley Simplified Planner. Amanda’s channel offers a unique approach to planner reviews because she shows you how she uses each of the planners she reviews.