Daily Essential Planner (2018) by Peacock Paper & Gifts

Peacock Paper & Gifts is one of many ventures by Kelsey Peacock and her husband Jared and is based in Kentucky. By day, Kelsey works in the financial sector, and by night she runs and designs for Peacock Paper & Gifts. This lady hustles. Peacock Paper & Gifts launched in June 2017, and 2018 is the first … Continue reading Daily Essential Planner (2018) by Peacock Paper & Gifts

Purposeful Planner 2018 Daily

Hello hello! I'm back again post-move! It can be quite a stressful endeavor, moving from one city to another (even when they are close by). Thank you for being ever patient with me as I settle into my new home, new job, and each new planner I review for you! ❤ 🙂 I'm also delighted … Continue reading Purposeful Planner 2018 Daily