2019 Unbound Planner

It is with delight that I bring you my review of the 2019 Unbound Planner! This planner is a casebound weekly planner with goal setting pages and a combination of visual time blocks and organized lists. Before we get into the structure of the planner, let's delve into the company's background! Unbound Planner became a … Continue reading 2019 Unbound Planner

90X Goal Planner (Undated)

It is with great pleasure that I share my review of the 90X Goal Planner, which is based out of my hometown of San Diego, California! This review is going up late with my apologies--I had an impromptu trip to Mexico to visit my mother, spent a few days bedridden with a vicious sinus infection, … Continue reading 90X Goal Planner (Undated)

2018-2019 STARTplanner Hustle Weekly

Hello! This week I'm reviewing the 2018/2019 STARTplanner Hustle Weekly planner! I'm so excited to share all of the amazing content that this planner offers--so let's dig in! STARTplanner has been around for a few years--I have a review of their 2018 Fancy Pants daily binder planning system that contains more information about their company and … Continue reading 2018-2019 STARTplanner Hustle Weekly