2018-2019 STARTplanner Hustle Weekly

Hello! This week I'm reviewing the 2018/2019 STARTplanner Hustle Weekly planner! I'm so excited to share all of the amazing content that this planner offers--so let's dig in! STARTplanner has been around for a few years--I have a review of their 2018 Fancy Pants daily binder planning system that contains more information about their company and … Continue reading 2018-2019 STARTplanner Hustle Weekly

Alina & STARTplanner (Daily Hustle)

My friend and colleague Alina is a busy mom and just passed her Masters defense! Woo! When I gave her this planner in early 2017, though, we were both still in graduate school and struggling to manage our time and work. I had purchased the 2017 STARTplanner for myself but found the content overwhelming for … Continue reading Alina & STARTplanner (Daily Hustle)